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Justin Separator February 7, 2017

Last time out with Antonia we talked about Wolfsburg’s crisis. Shortly after the interview, Klaus Allofs was dismissed. This time she’s trying to get rid of another Wolfsburger, and tells us why Gomez doesn’t share a large portion of the blame.

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Hello Antonio, time for another interview and a little sooner than you probably would have hoped. How fed up are you of playing in Munich?

On a scale of 1 to 10, a clear 12.

After your last vent, Klaus Allofs was let go. Who are you trying your luck with this time?

Valerien Ismael!

And why him? What’s he doing wrong in your view?

Is he doing anything at all? That would rather be my question. Since he took over for Dieter Hecking, our way of playing hasn’t changed a bit. Rather, everything has gotten even worse. The three wins in a row were more luck than judgment. During the game he gives absolutely no instructions. Whatever the score, he makes subs far too late. After the break at half-time, nothing changes at all. So any aspects where you could evaluate a coach just don’t even occur with him. What’s he doing wrong then? Kind of everything.

In winter there were a few incomings, among them talented players like Ntep or Malli. How happy are you with the transfers?

Although Malli hasn’t been able to show his quality so far, I’m really happy with the transfers. Ntep’s performances have been so far really convincing, and I’m also really excited about Bazoer. Dejagah… I’ll give him a chance. I would have really liked a defensive signing too, but all in all the transfer window was pretty good.

In the meantime, you’re actually finding yourselves in something of a relegation fight. Will the quality of the squad shine through, or do you have genuine concerns?

With Ismael as the manager, I have genuine concerns. The tougher opponents like Dortmund, Hoffenheim etc. are all still to come. If we don’t manage to take points from Augsburg, I’m pessimistic. Even Hamburg are starting to pick up some victories. Hoping that three other teams are even more awful than us won’t work in my opinion.

One problem is the attack. How come Gomez isn’t quite integrated in Wolfsburg’s game, and is he really the right type of striker for this team?

When the attack has a good day, Gomez is integrated really well. If not, he isn’t. I think every fan would rather have a striker who gets involved and doesn’t only have his first touch of the ball after 45 minutes. But as long as he scores, that’d be just fine. I do think though that Gomez right now is the least guilty in terms of how poorly we’re doing at the moment. We’ve seen in moves like against Hamburg that it could actually work pretty well.

Luckily, with the cup, form goes out of the window. Bayern haven’t quite been as brilliant as they used to be for some time. So give us a few reasons why this game will be Wolfsburg’s turning point.

Okay. Here are a few reasons. _ _ _. That’s about it.

But don’t you see a few chinks in Bayern’s armour that Wolfsburg could make the most of?

Well, if we were to come confident out of the blocks and score straight away before parking the bus, yeah. I just can’t see it though.

Okay, at least I’ve tried to coax a few positive words from you. I can hardly bare to ask, but: how will the game go?

Last time I went for 3-0 for Bayern, and the final score was 5-0. This time I’ll just go for 5-0 straight away, that way it can’t get any worse. (Right?) [Translator: Now you can expect 7-0…]

Do you believe that Wolfsburg can make a successful new start to the new season, and if so, what has to happen for that?

Aye. If we bring in a new manager who can get rid of the deadwood, meaning one Luiz Gustavo finally leaves too, sure. But without changes like that, it just doesn’t seem like things will work out. The winter break was meant to bring a new optimism to the club, and things have already gone right back to how they were before.

Which Wolfsburg player do you miss the most and why?

On the pitch, the only answer can be Kevin de Bruyne. Not just an outstanding playmaker, but he also makes the whole team around him better. We could definitely use him right now.

Last time you took Robert Lewandowski for Wolfsburg, because he can link play with others. Who else would you like to take from Bayern and why?

Either Thiago or Boateng. A world class attacking player would obviously be attractive, but another defensive rock (alongside Bruma) would help for sure too.

»Eier, wir brauchen Eier!«

— Oliver Kahn

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