About us

Why Miasanrot?

It was March 25th 2014 in Berlin, the day that brought Bayern the earliest championship in league history – fueled by beer and soda, an idea was born. We are united by our passion for Bayern and the desire for a calm, objective analysis that goes far beyond the typical sensationalist stories and the black-and-white thinking. That was our motivation to start this blog.

After our blogs Miasanrot and Der Bayern Blog had been developed simultaneously from 2012 on, we held many talks and Skype calls, coming to the conclusion that our only option is to cooperate from 2014-15 on.

Since then, we’ve tried to give our readers a complete overview on everything Bayern-related with match reports, opponent previews, tactical analyses, podcasts and regular round-ups about the first team, reserves and the women’s team.

We are Bayern fans. Naturally, everything written on this website is somewhat biased. That’s why it’s a blog on Bayern. Nevertheless, we want to analyze matches, examine tactical developments, process background stories on a journalistic level and try out new formats.
This blog needs you – your comments, ideas, links, criticism and much more. Every advice, every suggestion of a topic matters. That’s what we will count on in the future.



Lives in beautiful Munich for several years now. Loves to stand in the famous Südkurve instead of sitting in the gallery. Follows the youth teams and likes to report from the HGK (Hermann Gerland Kampfbahn).


Native Franconian and now living in Berlin by choice. As a big FIFA and Football Manager gamer he always has an eye on the squad and the development of the youth players.


Sports journalist, and freelance author. Originally from Austria. Found 111 good reasons for the FC Bayern together with Justin & wrote a biography on David Alaba.


Has a Bachelor degree in sports journalism, Bayern fan since the days of Bruno Labbadia (the striker) and Erich Ribbeck (the coach). Member of the Berlin miasanrot-Office.


Originating from Potsdam, tolerated in Munich, having used up her youth in Berlin, now fancying various sports for the elderly. Used to despise football and FC Bayern fans alike (boring sport, opportunistic clowns who applause success). Was punished for this type of blasphemy with an even more intense addiction to the sport and the Reds. Likes to dish it out, but not take it.


Bayern fan since childhood, grew up with Kahn and Hitzfeld. Still waiting for the perfect match, still failing to understand Guardiola's system. Martin Demichelis and Danijel Pranjic are underrated.


Born behind the Iron Curtain. After he started school in Bavaria and there got infected with the FCB virus, he ended up living in Berlin. Had his big fan-coming-out relatively late under van Gaal, driven by his Twitter bubble and a good friend. Currently ball boy at miasanrot and #contentschleuder on Twitter. Still doesn't understand Juego De Posicion.


Head of Miasanrot. Career changer in sports journalism. I'm a passionate blogger, podcaster and author. My core competencies are in tactics, team, and player analyses as well as match reports. My drive is to understand the complex dimension of the game and to convey my knowledge and insights as effective as possible. Journalistic. Analytical. Factual.


Fell in love with Bayern back when Elber and Jancker wrapped themselves in carpets to celebrate goals. Never got off the hook afterwards. Knows his way around any sport and always on the lookout for new statistics.


Born and raised in Bavaria. Came into contact with the Reds very early. Is up for anything, especially football and FC Bayern. Misses Lucio’s runs. Albeit being a Bayern fan still trying to think rationally. Still grieves about Toni Kroos.


Miasanrot Stats-Guru. Supports the team with stats and figures. When he sees a 4-3-3 his first thought is -2.


Decided for some unknown reason to learn German at school even though most Germans speak better English than I do. Picked up Spanish at the University of Nottingham, now attempting to get to grips with French with a view to a future in translation after graduating. Also an Arsenal fan, which makes the Champions League knock-out round even more interesting now that I'm involved with a Bayern website.


Born and raised in Berlin, got attacked by a baboon dressed in an Hertha BSC shirt during his first stadium visit and thus became estranged from the club. Fan of Bayern Munich only since the Kutzop penalty. As an historian equipped with a focus on the past.


Susie Schaaf is a German-American with a Brazilian passport. She has written extensively about Bayern Munich and the German National Team since 2008, as well as chatted everywhere about the same. She once drank wine with Arjen Robben.


Made in the USA using German parts. Grew up playing and watching all sports. Fell in love with Bayern via the German National Team. Expert at nothing, opinionated about everything. Still missing Schweinsteiger.


Football writer, historian, critic, contrarian. Lifetime supporter of FC Bayern München and die deutsche Nationalmannschaft. Uli Hoeneß fan. Kartoffel. Author of Red Odyssey: An FC Bayern Fan Journey and creator of The Little Bundesliga Book.

London-based but with his heart firmly in Fröttmaning, Rick Joshua's love of German football goes back more than thirty years and has witnessed everything from the pain of Spain '82 and the glory of Italia '90 to the sheer desolation of Euro 2000. This has all been encapsulated in the encyclopaedic Schwarz und Weiß website and blog, which at some three hundred or so pages is still not complete. Should you wish to disturb him, you can get in touch with Rick on Twitter @fussballchef. This carries a double meaning, as he can prepare a mean Obazda too.