FC Bayern – Miasanrot Advent Calendar, Door 31: Georgia Stanway

Dennis Separator December 20, 2022
Football is not mathematics and that is why this year’s Miasanrot Advent calendar has two doors with the number 31 [...]

FC Bayern – Miasanrot Advent Calendar, Door 17: Klara Bühl

Dennis Separator December 19, 2022
Today’s Miasanrot Advent calendar once again features a current FC Bayern Women’s player. She’s a technically gifted identification figure on [...]

FC Bayern – Miasanrot Advent Calendar, Door 16: Lina Magull

Justin Separator December 18, 2022
Behind door 16 of the Miasanrot Advent calendar there is player who has the potential to make a lasting impression [...]

FC Bayern – Miasanrot Advent Calendar, Door 12: Sidney Lohmann

Justin Separator December 14, 2022
Hidden behind the 12th door of the Miasanrot Advent calendar is FC Bayern Women’s number 12 Sydney Lohmann. The 22-year-old [...]

Former FC Bayern women’s player Verena Schweers: “I’m certain that women’s football will go through the roof soon”

Justin Separator November 13, 2020
In an interview with Miasanrot, Verena Schweers, a former Germany and senior FC Bayern women player, talks about the unexpected [...]

“Having a successful women’s team would suit Bayern very well”

Maurice Separator February 22, 2020
One week after the Women’s Bundesliga’s opening game of the second half of the season we talk to Sven from [...]

The Women’s Season is Still Long – and Yet it is Almost Over

Christian Separator November 21, 2019
The women’s Bundesliga season is still in its early stages, but Bayern are already trailing behind at the top of [...]

“If you consider the quality we have, we should be able to win a title”

Christian Separator October 5, 2019
A new coach, a team in transition, and a mixed start to a season full of ups and downs: plenty [...]