MSR-EN028 All Good Things Must Come To An End

Instead of what might have been a rather expected double to send of Jupp Heynckes, instead Bayern never seemed able to catch their breath after suffering defeat to Real Madrid in the Champions League semi finals.

Mia San Rot’s Marc Almstedt and Maurice Hauss join host Susie Schaaf to chat about the last two matches and more.

Just glancing over the disappointing (yet, meaningless) Stuttgart game, the trio take a bite in to the DFB Pokal against Frankfurt. Future Bayern trainer Niko Kovac set his XI perfectly, while the group feel like the out-going Heynckes might have started a more effective Startelf. Individual mistakes also came in to play in the loss in Berlin, before the crew talk about some pretty contentious VAR decisions from referee Felix Zwayer.

A talk about the misguided anger at certain players by a large part of fandom is discussed, as well as how muted the ceremonies at the Allianz Arena and Marienplatz seemed to be this year.

Susie and Marc debate Maurice’s season-end grades for the entire senior squad, before they all take a glance in to the future. Will Kovac play a 3-5-2 next season? With rumors swirling around some of Bayern’s starters, who is really on their way out?

Before they close down the last podcast of the season, the team discusses a couple of listener questions before giving their very early expectations for next season.

Thank you, as always, for listening! And in case you think you’ll be without the podcast this summer? You are in luck! The MSR team will be recording for World Cup competition– with an emphasis on all Bayern players representing their respective nations. Mia san mia. Danke, Jupp!

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MSR-EN028 All Good Things Must Come To An End

Three things we noticed: FC Bayern – Eintracht Frankfurt 1:3 (0:1)

Eintracht Frankfurt wins the DFB Pokal 2018. Niko Kovac’s team defeats FC Bayern 3:1 in a hard-fought final. For Jupp Heynckes it was (for the time being) his last match as coach of FC Bayern – his 77th on the sideline in the DFB Pokal. In case you missed it Before the game there was […]

May 20, 2018 / 1 Comments

Three things we noticed: FC Bayern – Eintracht Frankfurt 1:3 (0:1)

Preview: FC Bayern München – Eintracht Frankfurt in Pokal Final

One last time to send eleven top players out on the pitch. One last time to get chased by cameras and take his place on the sideline. One last time to win and lift the golden trophy into Berlin’s night sky. Jupp Heynckes has big plans for Frankfurt, one last time this weekend. A familiar […]

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Preview: FC Bayern München – Eintracht Frankfurt in Pokal Final

MSR-EN025 Leverkusen Pokal match

The trio got a lot wrong here. We had all pegged Schalke 04 to beat Frankfurt to progress to the DFB Pokal finals, as well as picking ‘Kusen over Dortmund in their derby match on the weekend.

Beyond all of the collective bad calls, Eric, Tom and Susie discussed fandom– in the stadiums and throughout the world– whatever the result.

We promise, there is match chat, too!

Thank you, as always, for listening! And we will be back with you after la Bestia Negra vanquishes Real Madrid in Munich.

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MSR-EN025 Leverkusen Pokal match

Three Things We Noticed: Leverkusen – Bayern 2:6 (1:2)

Bayern reach the cup final! A wild match ends with a clear 6-2 scoreline, however it was far from convincing defensively. Also, Ulreich yet again. Leverkusen, having just beaten Leipzig and Frankfurt 4-1 respectively, entered this match high on confidence. Bayern on the other hand were well-rested, with most of the team following the league […]

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Three Things We Noticed: Leverkusen – Bayern 2:6 (1:2)

Women: Blowout Cup win in Saarbrücken

After the clear 0:15 away win against 1 FC Saarbrücken, the Bayern women only need one more match to make it to the cup final. On Tuesday evening, after the international break for the women, the match in the DFB Pokal was scheduled against the second division team 1st FC Saarbrücken in Quierschied. Three things […]

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Women: Blowout Cup win in Saarbrücken

MSR-EN018 Mainz and Paderborn

Susie and MSR’s Chris talk about those two matches, plus a bit about future coaching decisions and just what is going on with the Bundesliga these days.

Mainz is first as Chris explains their midfield press and how it made life difficult for Bayern initially while Susie questions using a ‘B” side here and bringing out all the guns for the Paderborn game.

Sandro Wagner’s first start is worth a mention, but the pair first segue off to chat about the ever-evolving news on who Bayern Munich’s next trainer will be.

A very tidy 6-0 victory to reach the semi finals of the DFB Pokal competition is on deck as Susie and Chris discuss what went so much better for FCB here than against Mainz 05.

The podcast closes out with a couple of quite important topics: 1) As the team comes to full fitness, who will be starting week in and week out? 2) What the heck is wrong with the Bundesliga this season? Why can’t anyone even attempt to catch up to Bayern at this point?

Thank you, as always, for tuning in! We’ll catch up with you after a very tasty Schalke match! Mia san mia.

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MSR-EN018 Mainz and Paderborn

3 Things We Noticed: SC Paderborn – FC Bayern 0-6 (0-3)

Early February, 6:30 pm, snowfall, floodlight, cup game in a small third division stadium in East Westphalia – is there anything more beautiful? Definitely. With the away game in Paderborn, FC Bayern had a real challenge to start into the most important months of the season, but succeeded with flying colours. The analysis of a […]

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3 Things We Noticed: SC Paderborn – FC Bayern 0-6 (0-3) — The FC Bayern München Blog