FC Bayern – Miasanrot Advent Calendar, Door 6: Thiago

Daniel Separator December 7, 2022
Behind today’s door of the Miasanrot Advent calendar is the only professional still active, but unfortunately no longer lacing up [...]

What is the Plan?

Marc Separator April 14, 2021
In recent days there have been two different statements made by two high ranking Bayern officials that raised eyebrows both [...]

Fan-spiration: “I will carry this special moment in my heart forever”

Katrin Separator October 14, 2020
Eden Micallef, the first female committee member of Malta’s FC Bayern fan club, talks about the heartache of saying Goodbye [...]

Assessing Bayern’s transfer window from a financial perspective – boom or bust?

Alexander Separator October 9, 2020
After what will have felt like an eternity to some, the transfer window for signing new players under contract finally [...]

Last Week In Bayern News

subrat Separator September 21, 2020
Your team won the treble, and Bundesliga restarts this Friday night. What would you do?  Breathe in, breathe out and [...]

Season Preview: Tactics

Maurice Separator September 17, 2020
The Bundesliga is finally coming back! Treble winner Bayern are looking to win their ninth league title in a row. [...]

Last Week in Bayern News

subrat Separator September 15, 2020
Last week was all about training for Bayern. The Bundesliga is restarting in a week and we are running out [...]

Summer Time – Reading Time

Georg Separator July 23, 2020
While the players enjoyed their short break before re-starting for the fourth time this season, media coverage did not pause. [...]