Bayern Rout Schalke

Marc Separator September 18, 2020
All the news prior to the match has been centered around the squad. Thiago’s move to Liverpool was completed. There [...]

Season Preview: Tactics

Maurice Separator September 17, 2020
The Bundesliga is finally coming back! Treble winner Bayern are looking to win their ninth league title in a row. [...]

Last Week in Bayern News

subrat Separator September 15, 2020
Last week was all about training for Bayern. The Bundesliga is restarting in a week and we are running out [...]

Last Week In Bayern News

subrat Separator September 8, 2020
It is the week when we sit back and let the credits roll in. There’s the Nations League for Die [...]

Miasanrot Awards: Player of the season 2019/20

Maurice Separator September 4, 2020
This season, there can be only one: Robert Lewandowski is Miasanrot’s 2019/20 player of the season. Hansi Flick spoke very [...]


Maurice Separator September 3, 2020
For 15 years, the home of FC Bayern Munich has been a red and white air cushion at the Fröttmaning [...]

Fan-spiration: “Most of my friends called me a traitor because I was cheering for Bayern”

Katrin Separator September 2, 2020
As FC Bayern faced PSG in this year’s Champions League Final, Lily Nana fought her own battle as a lone [...]

Last Week In Bayern News

subrat Separator August 31, 2020
Imagine you are Marty McFly, who travels back in time to the third of November, 2019. Dragging your feet through [...]