Round-Up & Link-List: Bayern’s POTM Thiago (again)

Dennis Separator December 23, 2016

Well, the player of the month for November is the same as the player of the month for October and it’s not completely unthinkable that he might complete the three-peat by winning the December edition as well: It’s the magnificent Thiago. He’s probably the player of the first half the season. No other player constantly put up his levels of performances and even in November, when Bayern went through the weakest stretch of displays in the last couple of years, he was one of the very few to play up to their talent.

On a bad day, Thiago was the only support for Xabi Alonso in these games in November and on a good day he provided a spark of world-class to the Bayern game, like only Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery were able to in recent years. BTW, the Miasanrot team has no problem with announcing Thiago as our player of the month each month until May – as long as we are blessed to witness his magical moments week in and week out until then.

Back-to-back champion: Thiago, Miasanrot’s player of the month for November.
(Images: Alexander Hassentein, Christof Stache, Marc Mueller / Getty Images
Visual: Michael Böck) provides a 2-for-1 information combo meal. It contains a link list to (hopefully) worthwhile texts about the red giant and a feature text about former players, upcoming opponents or the Miasanrot player of the month. This month’s feature was written by Felix.

“The Robben”

If you think Robben is a one-trick-pony, think again, because what is now known as his signature move didn’t even exist eight years ago.

Bayern 3.0

In our last round-ups we have often talked about the steps FC Bayern took on their path towards digital transformation. The steps seem to lead in the right direction according to the ranking of the 25 most tech-savvy sports teams in 2016, which put FC Bayern in ninth place as the second best soccer club (only Man City was ranked higher on number four).

It’s that time of the year

Despite their undertakings on the digital frontier, FC Bayern is keeping in touch with its local fan base in Germany and especially in Bavaria as well. One highlight of the year being the trips to local fan clubs during the festive season. Since each member of the team travels to one fan club, this tradition is always something new and unique for the new players on the team.

“Dreesen time”

At the annual general meeting it has been the honour of Jan-Christian Dreesen as the executive vice chairman to announce the record profits and revenue for the 2015/16 season and from the impressions I received on Twitter he seems to do that in a pretty entertaining way. The same holds true for the Blogger Swiss Ramble and his in-depths articles about the financial figures of football clubs. So if EBITDA, Wages vs Turnovers, and Player Amortisation are your thing, enjoy his article.

It runs in the family

Can you name Thiago’s father, brother and his cousin and know for which national team each one of them is playing? No? Then you will be smarter after reading this.

Is Joshua ready?

As the rumours grew louder about Lahm hanging up his boots for good as early as next summer, the search for his successor intensified and according to These Football Times and The Penalty Arc the solution is already in the squad.

»Eier, wir brauchen Eier!«

— Oliver Kahn

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