Round-Up & Link-List: Bayern’s POTM Thiago (again)

Dennis Separator December 23, 2016
“Wait a minute, today is December the 23rd and Miasanrot is announcing their player of the month for November? Aren’t [...]

Round-Up & Link-List: Bayern history against Borussia Mönchengladbach and articles of the week

Dennis Separator October 22, 2016
The times they are a-changing. Ancelotti’s Bayern were doomed after their catastrophic draw in Frankfurt, yet only a 4-1 win [...]

Round-Up & Link-List: Wiesn & 1. FC Köln

Dennis Separator September 30, 2016
Time of the Wiesn (aka Oktoberfest): Usually a very successful time of the year for the Reds – and an [...]

Round-Up & Link-List: Bayern’s history against HSV

Dennis Separator September 23, 2016
First in the league, 7 wins in a row, only one goal against. One might argue about the quality of [...]