Round-Up: Bayern Players at the World Cup – Match Day 2

Justin Separator June 28, 2018

Thiago and Tolisso were not used this time. But the Germans were a little more convincing. In addition, James and Lewandowski met in a direct duel. In the individual criticism we assign 10 points as maximum, 1 point as minimum according to subjective measure.

The individual criticism

Neuer vs. Sweden (Saturday, 8 pm, 2:1)

Slipped twice, but was able to recover in time. Was again without a chance on the opposing goal but was otherwise always on point. Distributed the balls like a six, defended like a libero and drove his front men like a curling player, who sets the direction and pace, but then depends on his team mates. In the end, he could cheer because the stone slipped into the middle circle via detours.

Points: 8

Boateng vs. Sweden (Saturday, 8 pm, 2:1)

Sunglasses on, swimming trunks on, off into the convertible and on to the sea to show our Swedish colleagues who owns the beach. Boateng was ready to carry his team to victory in the usual World Cup form. Accordingly, he made a strong start and, according to Rüdigers Bock, even rescued in extreme distress – completely in Badboy style at the edge of what was permitted. But then had to go on with a trailer, into which he put the insecure Rüdiger and Gündogan. Dribbled, fitted, fought and did everything to keep his convertible on course. Jumped out of the car just before the finish. Had a great ride until then, but then was lucky that Kroos reached the beach to send the Swedes home at least for now.

P.S. Boateng overtakes an average of 107 cars per 90 minutes. Speeder. #miasanopta

Points: 7

Kimmich vs. Sweden

This time he found the highest gear both forwards and backwards. was high again, but still a little lower than against Mexico. Played a little more safety passes than in the game before, but still came back on two goal-shots. Probably had to make sure after the game that his two sweet passes from the initial phase disappear again from certain video portals. Made a good impression overall.

Points: 7

Rudy vs. Sweden

Was already written off before the game, but showed that Löw rightly chose him. He made sure that Toni Kroos had a partner again for the “Little Schweini in the middle”, to whom he could pass the ball whenever he was bothered by the opposition. Also showed that a double six can work if both six perform in a disciplined manner. Relieved not only Kroos, but also Boateng and Kimmich. Could only be stopped by a (unfortunately early) knock-out and then left Kroos alone again. He missed his Rudy so much that he even went into dribbling several times in the second half to look for him in front.

Points: 7

Müller vs. Sweden

He ran so tirelessly across the field that people were always afraid he would get lost in chaos. Only found his way to his game in a few phases, because he again did not harmonize with Werner. Might not even be in harmony with himself right now. Might Joshua Kimmich ask for help with the crosses before the next Selfie.

Points: 5

James vs. Poland (Sunday, 8 pm)

All football fans want to be like him, everyone wants to be with him. Played football like he smiles: to fall in love with. Tenderly stroked the ball several times into the foot of one of the other players. Placed two beautiful goals. Briefly aroused memories of critics who wanted to talk down his transfer to FC Bayern – five-minute laughing flash. Not only did he do magic with the ball, he also worked a lot without ball possession. Pressed his teammate Lewandowski hard again after the game. It is currently unclear whether the defeat or the Pole will have to stay with the FCB.

Points: 9

Lewandowski vs. Columbia

I wish they had stroked James like he stroked the ball. Felt betrayed after Miasanrot’s first day of play and would have liked to receive the Hummels Award for being alone. But in the second half he had a surprising opportunity and missed it. Once again more isolated from his team than from his opponent. At least he had one of the best seats for the James show. Could have an even more pleasant place for it next season. If he stays.

Points: 4

Boateng in his favorite job: Dubbing defenders
(Bild: Stu Forster/Getty Images)

Awards of the Match Day

Player of the Match Day: James Rodríguez – all said. An artist. A dream.

Team of the Match Day: Belgium – did not yet have a real yardstick, but are showing attractive and creative offensive football. They were rewarded with five goals against Tunisia. Still have to stabilize in the back to have a chance of winning the title, but they’re already really fun.

Germany-Award: Germany – Football is a simple game, 22 men chase the ball for 82 minutes and the Germans get a player sent off so 21 men chase the ball for 13 minutes and at the end the Germans somehow win. We couldn’t have described it better.

Oscar of the Match Day: Nobody, not even Cristiano Ronaldo, has earned the Oscar of the World Cup 2018 as much as Neymar. The Brazilian did not play a particularly outstanding game, but at least emotionalized the audience several times by falling. Partly without contact. Partly as if he were jumping headfirst off the three-meter board. The Brazilian scored 2-0 in the 97th minute, but it was remembered that he made himself a clown.

Referee of the Match Day: Theoretically you would have to praise almost all referees so far. There were few wrong decisions and VAR is implemented very well. It almost seems as if they swore before the World Cup that it wouldn’t be as stupid as the Germans. In Neymar’s play against Costa Rica, however, Björn Kuipers took centre stage. The Dutchman rebuffed the Brazilian so coldly that he acted like a little child who lacked the attention of the adults. One could almost think that Neymar’s tears came after the final whistle through Kuipers’ commanding and cold performance.

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  1. I dont agree with the Boateng and Kimmich ratings. Boateng got caught out of position often and went into risky challenges in no mans land. Kimmich was shocking imo, something must have happened to him….no 1 on 1 anymore, horrible crosses (if he does it at all). He desperately needs a break.

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