Round-Up: Bayern Players at the World Cup – Match Day 1

Justin Separator June 20, 2018

After every match day we will keep you informed about the FCB players. However, we will also take the liberty of recording and analyzing special events for you.

For individual reviews we give 10 points as maximum, 1 point as minimum according to subjective measure.

The individual criticism

Thiago vs. Portugal (Friday, 8pm, 3:3)

Came on the 70th minute for Iniesta, but was immediately convincing. In just 20 minutes, he drew with his feet a work of art on the pitch that seemed to give his team its final dominance. Also won the direct comparison with Iniesta. He dribbled over midfield like a young Iniesta and almost made the difference. But then he had to watch the Ronaldo show. Probably should be in the starting line-up for weak Koke in the future.

Points: 7.5

Tolisso vs. Australia (Saturday, 12 noon, 2:1)

He was allowed to make his World Cup debut from the very beginning and accordingly started with trembling legs. Nearly poked the ball into his own goal, and shortly afterwards he lifted it so sensitively into the opponent’s penalty area that even Griezmann was shocked and missed the chance. Radiated more safety than Pogba. Still couldn’t do much for the static France team.

Points: 6

Neuer vs. Mexico (Sunday, 5pm, 0:1)

He had multiple shots from the Mexicans, but was not able to prove himself. Used to play safely in the build-up game, rescued two or three times with risky excursions. Showed excellent reflex on the goal against, but not enough. Had to watch his two front men walking helpless wavy lines and would have liked to have moved out to tackle himself.

Points: 6.5

Boateng vs. Mexico

Back in boss mode after just 50 seconds when he prevented the first big chance. Radiated peace and security, but could not transfer it to the team. Had to take over the game structure completely alone and handled it well under the circumstances. Occasionally felt like a cat owner explaining to his animals that they shouldn’t run into the wall all the time. That’s why he was sometimes overwhelmed. Nevertheless, he won 64% of his duels and continued to fight his way through to the end. Hoping, perhaps, that Rummenigge was watching closely.

Points: 7

Hummels vs. Mexico

Won only about a third of his duels. Lost his bearings several times and could not support Boateng well enough in the final defense. Was nevertheless unfortunate and as he was continually abandoned by his colleagues. Could have played Rock-Paper-Scissors with Plattenhardt during the build-up play, because the Mexicans wouldn’t let him get involved.

Points: 3.5

Kimmich vs. Mexico

Was one of the scapegoats of the nation after the defeat. In fact, however, the performance was at least above the team’s average. Shifted to the highest gear in the attack and tried everything to create opportunities. Stroked the ball once worth seeing in the penalty area to Werner. Wondered how he could not find the likes of Sandro Wagner because his crosses were so delectable. Could not find his highest gear in his backward motion – perhaps he lacked some gas. In many counter-attacks, he didn’t come in from the right edge of the picture even after several seconds, in order to intervene at all. After 50 seconds he got a bad jolt, but won 58% of the duels. Missed Tolisso as a safeguard so much that his chronic grim facial expression might well have been for Khedira.

Points: 6

Müller vs. Mexico

He had actually recovered his form with Bayern, but played like in spring 2017, though he tried hard at the beginning and found the right positions between the lines with his runs. He then stumbled ball after ball because his feet didn’t want to move the same way as in his head. Looked for harmony with Werner like a Twitter user looking for the chronology in his timeline. Could have been replaced after 30 minutes.

Points: 3

James vs. Japan (Tuesday, 2pm, 1:2)

Was unable to play right from the start due to lack of fitness, but was smiling so beautifully at the anthem that he would have earned the 10 points just for that – Hashtag winner’s smile. Was finally able to get in after about an hour in order to bring the victory. He was worshipped by the stadium like a god and directly played a beautiful pass that Falcao could not control. He was helpless when falling behind, but then drove his team into the offensive and had the equaliser on his feet. However, in a completely exhausted Colombian team, he could no longer exert any significant influence and so his winning smile disappeared after the match.

Points: 5

Lewandowski vs. Senegal (Tuesday, 5 pm, 1:2)

Found himself with at least two giants directly covering him. Had his first shot after about 20 minutes, but was otherwise striving to function as an outlet. At a certain point he couldn’t even be seen because Senegal dominated his team. Poland became dangerous for the first time when he grabbed the ball himself, took a free-kick on his own and almost converted it. Nevertheless, alongside Koulibaly and Sané, he seemed like a small first grader who needed a little support from his friends against the nasty boys from the same class, but they preferred to stay out. Not only did he lose his school sandwiches and pocket money, but also the first World Cup game of his life. Gives him better schooling.

Points: 5

Awards of the Match Day

Player of the Match Day: Cristiano Ronaldo -Rumor has it that he accelerated his engine to 38 km/h and broke all records again. Met three times against a big team and continues to write his legend. Understanding his 45th free kick at a major tournament, that he also has an inner side and he doesn’t need to kick the ball out of the stadium. He was of course duly celebrated. Probably grinned even more when Messi missed a penalty kick.

Team of the Match Day: Mexico – completely deserved to beat the World Champions. Received little recognition in this country due to the shock. Pressed tirelessly at first in order to defend passionately later. Kroos and Hummels took almost completely out of play – who else can say that?

Hummels-Award for being alone: Marvin Plattenhardt – Hummels had to explain what it means to be alone after the game. Until he was replaced, was unsure whether his colleague Draxler was playing at all. If he wasn’t playing with Hummel’s Rock-Paper-Scissors, he could have played some cards out there. Overall, he didn’t make a bad debut, but he wasn’t really allowed to take part..

English of the Match Day: England – played a furious first half, surprising themselves so much that they lost any urge to move forward in the second half. Let the opponent back in the match by a penalty kick, but then finally made everything clear just before the end. Might turn out to be a dark horse. But it’s the English.

Trends of the First Match Day: Standards – the new standard in world football is the standard. Penalties, free kicks, corners… there was only one goal after a throw-in. But the Icelanders still have at least two games left!

Tolisso was the only winning Bayern player on the first day of the 2018 World Cup.
(Bild: Catherine Ivill/Getty Images)

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