Bayern Open 2023 With A Draw

Marc Separator January 21, 2023
Following the extended winter break due to the World Cup, Bayern returned to competitive play for the first time in [...]

FC Bayern – Miasanrot Advent Calendar, Door 24: Roque Santa Cruz

Steffen Separator December 26, 2022
For our final instalment of the Miasanrot Advent Calendar a text without reference to “Sportfreunde Stiller”, “eternal talent” or “phlegm”. [...]

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FC Bayern – Miasanrot Advent Calendar, Door 23: Owen Hargreaves

Georg Separator December 25, 2022
Behind the penultimate door of our Miasanrot Advent calendar is a player who achieved everything at FC Bayern München in [...]

FC Bayern – Miasanrot Advent Calendar, Door 22: Hans-Jörg Butt

Maurice Separator December 24, 2022
From the penalty spot to the number 22 to the number 1 in goal for FC Bayern München and number [...]

FC Bayern – Miasanrot Advent Calendar, Door 21: Philipp Lahm

Justin Separator December 23, 2022
Just as much as it was a matter of course that this player’s name was going to be behind door [...]

FC Bayern – Miasanrot Advent Calendar, Door 42: Jamal Musiala

Dennis Separator December 22, 2022
Behind door number 42 of our Miasanrot advent calendar a FC Bayern player is featured where the future is more [...]

FC Bayern – Miasanrot Advent Calendar, Door 33: Mario Gomez

Daniel Separator December 21, 2022
If you look for unusual shirt numbers at FC Bayern, you probably think of unique numbers immediately. Behind today’s door [...]

FC Bayern – Miasanrot Advent Calendar, Door 31: Georgia Stanway

Dennis Separator December 20, 2022
Football is not mathematics and that is why this year’s Miasanrot Advent calendar has two doors with the number 31 [...]