Bundesliga Supercup Preview: Dortmund vs. Bayern

Justin Separator August 17, 2021
With the DFL Supercup, the first title of the new season will be played out this Tuesday night. Dortmund will [...]

New Season, New Coach, New Bayern?

Marc Separator August 13, 2021
The start of the new Bundesliga season brought a lot changes for Bayern. New coach Julian Nagelsmann comes in with [...]

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Bundesliga MD 01 Preview: Gladbach vs. Bayern

Justin Separator August 13, 2021
On Friday evening, Bayern will play this season’s Bundesliga opener away to Borussia Mönchengladbach. Both teams have already crossed swords [...]

FC Bayern: ten predictions for the new season – what to expect?

Justin Separator August 11, 2021
The pre-season preparation this summer are drawing to a close, the Bundesliga is about to kick off again. FC Bayern’s [...]

The end of an era: an homage to Joachim “Jogi” Löw

Daniel Separator July 2, 2021
Jogi Löw has come under such heavy fire for the risk-averse approach to football he has taken lately that it [...]

At the end of the day – Karl-Heinz Rummenigge steps down as CEO of FC Bayern

Christian Separator June 18, 2021
If you want to know what kind of guy Karl-Heinz Rummenigge is, you have to watch the documentary “Profis”, which [...]

MSR awards season 20/21: Stats Corner Part 2

Lukas Separator June 17, 2021
After highlighting a number of team-level statistics in the first part of the 2020/21 stats corner series, we would now [...]

MSR awards season 20/21: Stats Corner – Part 1

Lukas Separator June 14, 2021
What better way to review a season that has just ended than to take a look at the statistics. In [...]