Trip of a Lifetime II: Tour Day

Marc Separator March 22, 2023

Tour Day

Youth Campus

The day following the match, the DC fan club was still riding the high of the previous night. However, there was no time to sit around reminiscing as the Bayern officials had arranged a full day of activities and were kind enough to provide transportation to the group for the day.

First on the agenda was a tour of the FC Bayern Youth Campus. I was particularly excited by this trip as had been interested in seeing the campus ever since it had opened.

It was a beautiful clear day at the Bayern Akademie as members of DC Bayern were given a tour.
Image: Marc Almstedt

We started off with a quick lunch at the Club House *1900 restaurant on campus and followed it with a guided tour of the stadium and practice facilities on the campus.

Because much of the facilities were currently in use by either the Women’s team or the current youth players, we did not get to see everything that the campus had to offer. However, those areas we were able to visit clearly demonstrated the investment that Bayern is putting into the future of the club and the focus on providing top facilities for every team that is a part of FC Bayern Munich, not just the first team.

DC Bayern members toast prior to their meal as highlights from the previous night’s win over PSG play in the background.
Image: Marc Almstedt

Allianz and Bayern Museum

After our guided tour around the youth facilities we were driven to the Allianz Arena for another tour of both the stadium and the Bayern Museum.

Even having done both in previous visits to Munich, there were still new features and experiences to be had. For instance we had not been allowed on the field the last time that we visited. It was very exciting to get to see the stadium from that perspective and sit in the seats that the players and coaches do during the match.

The visitors enjoyed the view of the Allianz from the comfort of the players chairs on their tour of the stadium.
Image: Marc Almstedt

Several changes had also taken place to the interior of the stadium since our last visit with expansions to the changing rooms and more customization and advancement to other areas as Bayern continues to make the Allianz it’s own following the departure of 1860 Munich in 2017.

Following on to the Museum, again there were a few new features. Of course there were more trophies on show than our previous visit, with the highlight being the installment of the 2020 treble/sextuplet season.

One of the newest additions to the Museum was of course the trophy collection from 2020.
Image: Marc Almstedt

There was also a special exhibition on the career of Uli Hoeneß at FC Bayern from his days as a player through his career in the front office which was both extensive and very interesting.

Paulaner am Nockherberg

After a long day of tours, Bayern and Paulaner had one last event planned for us on the day. A dinner at the famous Paulaner am Nockherberg which included a three course meal and a few kegs of beer.

When we entered, most of us thought that the meal was going to consist of the provided pretzel and appetizer plates, which were extensive. Many of us had to find more room in our stomachs for a main course and dessert of Kaiserschmarrn, both of which were extremely delicious.

DC Supporters were greeted by a generous spread as they made their way to their seats at the Pualaner am Nockherberg.
Image: Marc Almstedt

Members of the DC Bayern fan club were taken aback by the generosity of this meal and the care that was taken in providing the experince to the fan club.

From our club president tapping the keg(s) to the welcome from the Bayern officials, the entire experience was unique and yet again made us appreciate just much time and effort had gone into planning such a trip.

Club president Michael Fähnle-Hedge and vice president George Gelinas tap the keg for the group at the Paulaner Nockherberg.
Image: DC Bayern Capital 11

After eating our fill and drinking more, we were taken back to town where some of us continued the celebratory feel of the evening and others prepared for another day of activities by getting some much needed rest.

Come back tomorrow for Part III of the this special trip with a visit to the Säbener Straße and a Bayern II match at the Grünwalder Stadion.

»Eier, wir brauchen Eier!«

— Oliver Kahn

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