The games of our lives – serialized

Dennis Separator December 22, 2019

By tradition, Christmas time is the time when the year finally winds down. The year’s end stress of shopping for presents and visiting Christmas markets is already over, people congregate for the yearly family reunion and enjoy the peace and tranquility of Christmas, interrupted only by the regular dish clatter announcing the next course.

People meet and sit around the hearth come evening, armed with a cup of hot chocolate, and recount the stories of the good old days. They reminisce about the moments they have shared with their loved ones which have forever united them. They were moments of extreme euphoria, where total strangers embrace in ecstasy, as well as of extreme disappointment, where you do not know what to say for hours. These stories strengthen the bond between those who witnessed them and they are handed down to the next generation to continue the eternal thread.

We at Miasanrot want to join in in this wonderful tradition and take it to the digital sphere. Our excellent authors and a panel of esteemed guests will portray their respective “game of my life” in the coming days. These games have been chosen because they represent some of the most memorable personal moments in the life of our authors and because they marked an especially emotional extreme or important turnaround in the history of FC Bayern.

Our selection of authors enables us to take a deep dive into a range of eras in the history of Germany’s record champions. Thus, our chronology traces the progress of Bayern through different stages of its development. Our set of analyses relives the games we cover in all their glory. Such is our plan, but we might occasionally deviate from it.

Enough of the prelude. Keep your batteries charged and your supply of hot chocolate up. It is upon us to add “the games of our lives”.

»Eier, wir brauchen Eier!«

— Oliver Kahn

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