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Maurice Separator January 26, 2018

After the annual general meeting, which took place last year on November 24th 2017, the financial figures of the past year are always published. The blogger “SwissRamble” regularly uses this data for detailed analysis articles, this time he has published his thoughts as tweets and we want to compile them here.

List of Records

In the past calendar year 2017, FC Bayern was able to increase its profit before tax by 23%. It rose to 66 million Euros – a new record for the record champion. Of this, 39 million Euros remained after taxes. 6 million more than in the previous year.

The total revenue of the club including player sales rose to 641 million Euros, which is also a new record. At 587 million Euro, the official revenue is slightly below the previous year’s record level.

In international comparison, Munich ranks fourth behind the industry leader Manchester United (676 million Euros), as well as the Spanish toreros Real and Barca.

Götze and Rode help to make profit

Now we take a closer look at the profits of FC Bayern. Profits increased last year mainly due to player sales. A total of 53 million Euros was collected here, with the resale of Mario Götze to Borussia Dortmund accounting for the lion’s share of 26 million Euros. Sebastian Rode was also sold to Dortmund and Pierre Emile Hojbjerg to Southampton.

It is also interesting to note that the player amortisation also fell by 7.5 million Euros. The figure is calculated by dividing the transfer costs over the duration of the player’s contract.

The largest expenditure was on player salaries with almost 265 million Euros, an increase of 4.6 million Euros over the previous year. The amount to be written off to Allianz Arena München Stadion GmbH and FC Bayern München e. V. also increased by 2.6 million Euros.

The revenues from the Allianz Arena’s match day operations were a further 4.1 million Euros lower than in the previous season. Nevertheless, the 102 million Euros are still a top 5 value worldwide.

25 years of constant profit

This is the 25th year in a row that FC Bayern has made a profit. Due to the fact that profits have risen sharply in recent years, Bayern has been able to accumulate 150 million Euros before tax in the last three years alone. Since the low point in the 2009 season, Bayern has now steadily increased its profit after tax over the past nine seasons.

If you look at taxes, this period is reduced to the time since 2011 and since then the record champion has been able to earn 138.9 million Euros after taxes.

The distance to the BVB remains constantly large

The difference to Borussia Dortmund has become a little smaller in 2017, which is mainly due to the return of the black-and-yellow players to the Champions League. Nevertheless, the Munich team had revenue of 255 million Euros higher than the Ruhrpott team.

Since 2009, the difference has been constant at over 150 million Euros. This means that Bayern’s turnover is actually at least 1.5 times that of Dortmund in the long term. In the previous year, the difference even amounted to 307 million euros, which was more than the total BVB turnover.

Revenue from broadcasting and Champions League

Only one of the twenty clubs with the highest revenue earned more money through commercial activities than Bayern – Manchester United with 364 million. With 343 million Euros, Bayern is 200 million Euros ahead of Borussia Dortmund.

Where Bayern loses to international competition is where the revenues from TV deals are concerned. Here, Bayern is even behind AS Rom and Tottenham – despite 64 million Euros from the European TV deal. The 83 million in the national TV deal appear tiny compared to the 148 million of Real Madrid.

However, an increase of 85% is expected for the 2017/18 season.

Due to the early exit in the Champions League, revenues there fell by 9 million Euros compared to the previous season to “only” 55 million Euros, 23 million of which came from the television money. The top earner was Juventus Turin with 110 million – 59 million Euros from the TV deal.

Despite these losses, however, Munich’s revenues from international competitions are significantly higher than those of its national competitors. Over the last five years, Bayern has been ahead of Borussia Dortmund by 79 million Euros.

Salaries continue to rise

Finally, we would like to take a brief look at salaries and transfer sums.

FC Bayern’s salary costs rose by 2% compared to the previous season. Nevertheless, salaries continue to account for only 45% of total revenue, which remains a good figure.

Expenditure on salaries has increased by 100 million Euros compared to 2011. A concession to today’s time in which international competition is driving up prices on the market.

In the Bundesliga, Bayern is already far ahead of the competition. Compared to the Dortmund team, last year they paid 87 million Euros more to the players. Since 2013, FCB has significantly surpassed the 178 million Euro salary budget of Dortmund every year.

Looking at the transfer balance sheet, Bayern has suffered a minus of 91 million Euros over the past three years. Only the relative league novices from Leipzig spent even more over this period with 143 million Euros. Dortmund had the best transfer balance with a plus of 95 million Euros.

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