Round-Up & Link-List: Bundesliga without FC Bayern

Dennis Separator January 12, 2017

Just like in a fancy restaurant, we’ll start off with a little greeting from the (stats) kitchen. Our R-star statistician Lukas created a Bundesliga without Bayern, in which only the results of the other 17 teams against each other were included. Furthermore he color-coded how Bayern played against these teams.

Bundesliga league standings without the FC Bayern games.
(Analytics: Lukas)

Just like in the last seasons FC Bayern did not have big troubles in the “must-win” games against the teams from the bottom half of the table. They even seized the points against teams with high potential but weak form, like Leverkusen. On the other side of the standings, FC Bayern dropped some points against the BVB and the surprise teams from Frankfurt, Hoffenheim, and Köln. Teams that were able to adjust their tactical approach against FC Bayern and either build on their strength in defence (Frankfurt) or in their transitional play (Hoffenheim).

It will be interesting to witness, whether FC Bayern will learn their lesson and improve against these teams in the second outing of the season. The win against RB Leipzig already demonstrated how FC Bayern is able to respond to a tactically strong team, by not underestimating them and not only relying on their own individual strengths. provides a 2-for-1 information combo meal. It contains a link list to (hopefully) worthwhile texts about the red giant and a feature text about former players, upcoming opponents or the Miasanrot player of the month. This month’s feature was written by Felix.

Charges dropped

Xavi Alonso was among the names mentioned in connection with the Football Leaks publication. Now a Spanish judge dropped the tax fraud case, after looking into the business model and after a full disclosure on the part of Alonso. His business model included selling his image rights to a company located in Madeira, a place with and “advantageous tax system“, but not a fiscal tax haven.

Ceremony attended

Melanie Behringer crowned her sensational season with her inclusion in the final three of FIFA’s best player award of 2016. She came in third after Cali Lloyd (USA) and Marta (Brazil). Congratulations Mel B.

»Eier, wir brauchen Eier!«

— Oliver Kahn

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