Round-Up & Link-List: Bayern history against Borussia Mönchengladbach and articles of the week

Dennis Separator October 22, 2016

August 23rd 1969 marks the date when Bayern lost their first Bundesliga game against Gladbach, a 1-2 road loss. This defeat was the beginning of a decade of duopoly in the Bundesliga, during which the Foals were the biggest challengers for the record champion. In the end, the record was only slightly in favour of Bayern, with “only” seven defeats between 1970 and 1980. The results ranged from narrow wins to landslide wins and losses. Lorenz-Günther Köstner, Rainer Bonhof, Allan Simonsen and Jupp Heynckes with a brace blew the Bayern team out of the Bökelberg at the final match-day of the 1973/74 season, only to watch Bayern celebrate their title win after the final whistle. Five years later Bayern got their revenge with a 7-1 in Gladbach, still the second highest Bundesliga away win for the Reds. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge scored three goals in that game.

The 80s and 90s were dominated by Bayern wins, but most of them only narrow ones. During the 2000s, the rivalry became more balanced again. Based on Gladbach’s performances against Bayern it was some kind of glitch that Gladbach didn’t manage to play Bundesliga for two seasons, but Gladbach #camebackstronger and even became some kind of bogey team for Bayern. Manuel Neuer had a bad start in the Bayern jersey as he helped Gladbach to win 1-0, but Bayern managed to win the semi-final in the DFB Pokal against the Foals after penalties in that season. In the last four games, Favre and Schubert repeatedly challenged Guadiola’s Bayern to the fullest – no other club has collected more points against Bayern over the last three years than Gladbach have. provides a 2-for-1 information combo meal. It contains a link list to (hopefully) worthwhile texts about the red giant and a feature text about former players, upcoming opponents or the Miasanrot player of the month. This month’s feature was written by Felix.

Radio Müller

Grant Wahl spoke with Thomas Müller about how he moved to Bayern Munich from TSV Pähl, whom he imitated in his famous youtube clip (Spoiler: it’s not CR7) and what logic has to do with being a Raumdeuter.

The emancipation of Jerome

In an interview with Raphael Honigstein, Jerome Boateng looked back at some decisive moments of his career, including a red card in a group stage game in 2012.

Keeping it simple

If you are already tired of all the complex analytical pieces about the post-Pep Bayern problems, have a look at They have nice pictures, but the problems remain the same.

Turn back time

Who remembers Bayern’s loss in the second round of the UEFA Cup in 1993? If you click on the link, you’ll probably remember at least the jerseys of Norwich City (my eyes still hurt). Of cource Jeremy Goss remembers the two games, in which he scored two goals, very well.

Miasanrot’s week

Jolle helped us in putting the Bayern women’s blowout results in the right perspective. Justin analyzed the poor 2-2 in Frankfurt. Felix interviewed Tobias Schweinsteiger about his new role as assistant coach of the under-17s team. Justin previewed the Eindhoven game and Steffen analyzed the 4-1 win. Tobi reanimated the mailbag and Justin previewed the Gladbach game. Busy week.

Special thanks go out to this week’s translators Michael, Luca, Bettina and Tobi.

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