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Dennis Separator October 9, 2016

Six games, five wins, one defeat, fourteen goals scored and two conceded. Bayern’s track record didn’t look bad in September, even though the last game of the month was the loss in Madrid.

One player stepped in the lime light in these games and so didn’t give us any headaches when looking for the first Miasanrot player of the month award. Five games, 315 minutes, four goals. Joshua Kimmich impressed in these games and as of now contradicts our author Steffen, who predicted a tough situation for him in his theses before the season.

The 21 year old had 102 touches, 2.9 shots, 1.7 key passes, 2.3 tacklings, 2 interceptions, 0.6 clearances and 1.1 goals per 90 minutes. Accompanied by a passing accuracy of 90%. Impressive numbers, but not only his stat line and his goals made him our first player of the month. Kimmich took over responsibility on the pitch and showed Ancelotti that he could become a player for the important games, with his clever positional play and his vertical passes.

Ancelotti didn’t start the young German international against Atlético Madrid, but if Kimmich keeps on performing on that level, the Bayern coach will have a very hard time to “ignore” him in the future.

Congratulations to Joshua Kimmich, the first Miasanrot player of the month. (Visual: Michael Boeck)
Congratulations to Joshua Kimmich, the first Miasanrot player of the month.
(Photos: Alexander Hassenstein, Patrik Stollarz, Christof Sache / Getty Images | Visual: Michael Böck) provides a 2-for-1 information combo meal. It contains a link list to (hopefully) worthwhile texts about the red giant and a feature text about former players, upcoming opponents or the Miasanrot player of the month. This month’s feature was written by Justin.

“Bavarian” wonderkids

Kingsley Coman and Renato Sanches received the honour of being named second and third best under 21 players by FourFourTwo, only behind Tottenham’s Dele Alli. Side note: BVB and Leverkusen also had two players in the top 20 with Ousmane Dembele (10th) & Christian Pulisic (15th) and Julian Brandt (13th) & Tin Jedvaj (20th).

But the next promising Bayern talents are already in the making. Timothy Tillman is a name to remember, based on his performances in Bayern’ under 19s youth team and in the UEFA Youth League, where Bayern won both of their games.

Special atmosphere

Andi Thomas’ detailed description about attending a Bayern home game and the contrast to the experience one gets by going to a Premier League game is highly entertaining. Best quote:

The very air of Munich is about 6 percent alcohol by volume.

The home game against Cologne also featured an impressive tifo and the production was documented in a video by Club Nr. 12.

Statistical Analysis

On Statsbomb Dustin Ward conducted an in-depth analysis of how the Bundesliga teams approach their build-up. Bayern Munich’s numbers separate them from the “typical Bundesliga team”, e.g. by their low percentage of passes going forward. The article breaks this phenomenon down for each Bayern player and thus gives some homework suggestions to a certain Austrian left-back.

Rytai compiled a video to highlight Franck Ribery’s stat line from 2012 to 2016. Due to many injuries the output of King Franck slowly decreased, but the last months had a very positive impact on the trend line.

Ben Mayhew created his first set of scatter graphics for the new Bundesliga season. These graphics give a well-organized answer to how well each team operates offensively and defensively and Bayern do look pretty good already.

Miasanrot’s week

Steffen analysed the draw against Cologne and mainly blamed a stretch of ten unorganized minutes for the first points dropped in the Bundesliga this season. Felix interviewed Uli Hesse about his upcoming book about FC Bayern called “Creating a global Superclub”. As a bonus we can provide you with the first chapter of the book. Christopher investigated the space interpreter Thomas Müller and his seach for his comfort zone. Steffen completed the week with his view on Carlo Ancelotti’s first 100 days at the helm in Säbener Straße and explained the positives and negatives of the Ancelotti V.

Special thanks go out to this week’s translators Bettina and Sam.

»Eier, wir brauchen Eier!«

— Oliver Kahn

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