3 Things We Noticed: Chemnitzer FC – FC Bayern 0-5 (0-1)

Christopher Separator August 12, 2017

Bayern also won their second official game of the season. The team convinced with good combinational play and three goals from set-pieces.

3 things we noticed

1. Good combinations

The Bavarians played convincingly throughout the whole game, against an opponent, who was defending deep into their own territory. With the likes of Rudy, Tolisso, Süle and Hummels FC Bayern frequently tried to put pressure them with vertical passes.

This approach worked out quite well, before reaching the box. Too many times the last, or second to last pass failed due to a lack of accuracy. However, the team avoided passing along the the dreaded U-formation.

On the offensive side of the ball, Coman and Müller solved many situations by making good runs or moving into the centre. The ball movement in general turned out to work very well. A good example was the build-up to the third goal, when Kimmich, Tolisso, Coman and Lewandowski took apart the whole defence of Chemnitz.

The only flaw was the high amount of unsuccessful crosses, again, due to a lack of accuracy. Ribéry as well as Coman did not act very precise on the wings.

2. Sebastian Rudy

In the end, he could become the transfer of this summer. Without attracting too much attention, Rudy currently replaces Thiago as the engine in FC Bayern’s build-up play. His record today reads incredibly well. 119 touches and 113 passes, with only 9 bad passes, made him look like he has been with the team for many years.

He tried to bring a lot of verticality to the game. As a result the transition from defence to midfield appeared to be almost perfect. Additionally, the offence benefited massively, so that Müller and Lewandowski were vital parts throughout the whole of 90 minutes. Another big factor is his vision. It was a key element before the second goal, where he won the ball back and immediately created a new attack, with an amazing pass to Franck Ribéry.

And we need to point out the chemistry between him and Tolisso. They shared the midfield incredibly well. Tolisso often moved over to the right half space, creating a lot of room for his teammates, whereas Rudy acted as the backup behind him.

3. Pressing

Although it did not happen often, pressuring the opponent after loosing the ball was executed quite high and with a lot of aggressiveness. In most cases the only option for Chemnitz was to hoof the ball upfront. From the 15th minute on, this worked out better and better.

The backline with Süle, Hummels, Kimmich and Rafinha very rarely had to defend against players with pace coming at them.

It is going to be interesting to see, if this pressing approach will be used in the Bundesliga more frequently. But surely players like Tolisso and Rudy will help implementing this kind of defensive concept in the future.

»Eier, wir brauchen Eier!«

— Oliver Kahn

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  1. The presence of Rudy would force This to be more serious. Bayern should part company with Martinez.

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