Preview: Besiktas Istanbul – FC Bayern

It’s the Champions League round of sixteen. It’s the second leg. It’s maybe the loudest arena in Europe. But the Bayern team travel to Istanbul with a five-goal lead in their bags and can therefore be calm and relaxed. Things could have been different. Ten minutes were played in the first leg and Miasanrot readers […]

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Preview: Besiktas Istanbul – FC Bayern

MSR-EN020 BBC: Besiktas, Berlin, Coman

The pair also discuss the always-present Robert Lewandowski transfer rumors, as well as the possibility of Malcolm coming to the club from Bordeaux. Sadly, they end this week with the horrible news of Kingsley Coman’s surgery.

The conversation about the Besiktas match largely revolves around the first half of play where FCB couldn’t really get it going despite being a man up, then moving on to chatting about Hertha Berlin’s ultra-defensive set-up, and how the Reds found it very difficult to pick that lock.

Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben didn’t exactly make cases for a contract extension with their play against Berlin, while Chris and Susie decide that they can allow Lewandowski his less-than-clinical goal scoring record for all the positives that he brings to Bayern’s XI.

Speaking of Lewandowski, the duo chats about his change in management and what that could possibly mean going forward for the club. Also discussed: what options might be available if the Polish striker decides to leave.

The Malcolm to Bayern rumors are heating up, and with that they look at who next season’s wing players might possibly be before moving on to the terrible news of Kingsley Coman’s ankle surgery. Is Bayern’s treble season dashed? How much can Jupp Heynckes depend on Ribery going forward? What changes in formation might Heynckes put forth to deal with the loss of such an emerging talent?

Thanks, as always, for listening in! We’ll be back with you next week. Mia san mia.

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MSR-EN020 BBC: Besiktas, Berlin, Coman — The FC Bayern München Blog