Quick Stat: Passing Efficiency

Under Guardiola, Bayern have increased their passing. But this season, they took another step forward, as our stat visualization proves.

How often do Bayern pass? A nice question but not the answer to everything. How many of those passes create shots? That’s a more interesting figure. Turns out that Bayern are both dominant and efficient this season:

Passing Efficiency 2009-15The size of the bubble indicates the passing accuracy, the color indicates the coach.

The constant development of dominance is visible (Guardiola teams pass more than Heynckes teams who pass more than van Gaal teams). Up until this year, Guardiola struggled to get his players to turn those passes into danger for the opposing defense. This year, they average only 47.5 passes per key pass (shot assist), a number that comes close to the 2012-13 triple season where the so-called efficiency machine recorded a key pass for every 45.6 passes.

So far, in 2015-16, Bayern have been both dominant and efficient.

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