Podcast Season 02 Episode 02: Bayern Two-Face

Daniel Separator November 6, 2020

From routing Atlético to clinging on to dear life against Moscow and Cologne: Bayern’s season thus far is a rollercoaster. We are looking for the reasons.
Additionally, after we had looked at all of Bayern’s new signings in the last episode, we check how they’re doing in their first weeks in Munich.

This episode has been recorded on Sunday, so don’t be surprised to hear the word “yesterday” being thrown around describing the Cologne match. We’re hoping to reduce the amount of time between recording and releasing an episode. As I gain more experience in editing, things will hopefully get a lot smoother!

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— Oliver Kahn

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  1. I haven’t had time to listen to this podcast until this morning, and I know I’m becoming boring and repetitive, but I would like to say thank you Marc, Daniel and Maurice for your work. Your effort to keep the English side of Miasanrot lively has been remarkable. Imagining sitting down to talk in German for 1 hour, then another round in English, must feel like Bayern playing Alt. Madrid in the Champions League, then 3 days later, ugggh we have to play the Bundesliga too :D

    I generally agree with your assessment on various topic in the podcast, maybe a tad too harsh on Choupo Mouting and Sarr, but the most surprise I found was the level of optimism toward tonight match vs Dortmund. I expect a good game with much more concentration and higher intensity than previously, especially without the next game in sight (I mean who cares about national football right?), but even a point would satisfy me. I secretly expect Bayern to win narrowly, but not more than that. Hope your feeling will turn out to be right.

    My wish for future podcast is a tad more focus on tactical elements, e.g. the current construction in midfield, or for example after the next international “break” I expect Roca and even Nianzou will start to have chances, there will be more interesting observation. The reason is I found Miasanrot people’s tactical understanding and attention are very high as compare to general (Bayern relevant) football blog standard hence it’s always interesting to hear you talk.

    Hope we will have a good game tonight and a good weekend to all of you. Ironically I found my self in somewhat relevant situation to what Muller said before “Bayern have to win every weekend just for him to have a peaceful Sunday”. I myself, being a long time Bayern fan, have also come to the point that I need a Bayern win every weekend, in order to have a perfect Sunday.

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    1. Thanks as always for your feedback. We really do appreciate it and are glad that you enjoy the content. We will try to fit in a bit more tactical discussion. That may come naturally as we have less to cover unlike the last few episodes. We were very optimistic, myself obviously being the most optimistic. Hopefully I don’t completely regret that but I stand by it either way. Wishing you a perfect Sunday!

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