Podcast #04: Mia san Struggles

Daniel Separator December 20, 2020

So why is Roca not playing? Why is Bayern conceding every game and will Douglas Costa ever put in a good cross? This and many more is at the heart of our fourth episode.

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— Oliver Kahn

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  1. I have to apologise for my ignorance, I’ve been following you for nearly 2 years, yet until today I noticed iTunes and Patreon link. Shame on me!

    On the podcast itself, I think you were spot on throughout the discussion. For Plan B, or a lack of it, I may add another possible reason, that is lack of time. I mean when you’re not even able to polish your plan A, what’s the point of a plan B? Without proper training? At the end of the day, Bayern is still in a good position. With key players coming back, and a short break, I’m also looking forward the next few months with optimism. And since the podcast, Bayern happened to win 2 important and difficult games vs Wolfsburg and Leverkusen, so that kind of hinting at better period ahead.

    For the topic of new arrival, I personally have concrete expectation for all of them:
    – Sane: be an equal option to Coman and Gnarbry in term of effectiveness, and add healthy competition to the attacking line
    – Roca and Sarr: can handle the 6 and right back position relatively well vs Bundesliga opponents not named Dortmund and Leipzig, so proper rotation can be implemented, giving Kimmich and Pavard a rest from time to time.
    – Choupo-Mouting: being Lewandowski’s backup is something different, I don’t think he’s supposed to bring anything different or special to the table, but, rather similar to Sarr, being able to deputy for Lewandowski without huge quality loss, from time to time. Individually speaking he’s faster and stronger than Zirkzee, he has loads of experience (technically he played last Champions League final), so to me he’s a logical choice if Flick does not trust the young Netherland enough.
    – Costa: a 4th winger who can come in and give us a new dimension in attach (a.k.a his unpredictability and dribbling).

    I can say at the moment none of them has met my expectation, especially Costa and Sarr, but given the circumstances, and the fact that it’s for the season overall, I’m still patiently waiting for them to integrate more into the team and hopefully make better impact in the 2nd half, especially I have high hope for Sane and Roca, though Roca is really really a mystery at the moment.

    I forgot Nubel, who is maybe the only one who I don’t know what to expect. For such a young talent who is former Schalker captain, I feel bad for him having to sit almost full time on the bench like this though.

    As for the favourite signings that never happened, it’s a very interesting and creative series, but I tends to focus on what is happening at present, and the future, rather than what happened in the past, or what might happen if something in the past had changed, for example I kind of already forget Thiago Alcantara, so I don’t know how to interact in these articles. But if you ask me whom I regret the most, definitely Kevin de Bruyne. We did not have a winger/number 10 hybrid at that time, the focus was on the wing with 2 legendary wingers, plus the price, but look at what he has become now. Another 2 missed signings that brought disappointment I still remember was Michael Essien, being peak under Mourinho, while our midfield was shitty back then, and Arturo Vidal who joined Juventus in 2012, I feel with a warrior like him, in pre-Javi Martinez Jupp system, we would have been much more likely to beat Chelsea in that nonexistent final. When he did really join 3 years later, the team had changed and he did not nearly make the same impact.

    Pablo Aimar was interesting, I did not know Bayern was ever be interested in him, but I remember the days I was in the university, I spent a huge amount of time playing Football Manager, especially from 2002 to 2006, and I tried to buy him every single time. A perfect number 10, at a time when a number 10 was still the king. And if I have to recall that period of time, then I have to also mention Carloz Tevez, a monster that we never brought in.

    I would like to also take this occasion to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Miasanrot editorial team, thank you very much for your great effort throughout the year 2020, which I must say, a remarkable year being a Bayern fan. I look forward to another exciting year in 2021, of course, can’t be without you.

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    1. Well, Bayern was in fact never interested in Aimar, that’s one of the cornerpieces of my article. They absolutely should have. I think Maurice mistook something, I mean we’ve been talking about a lot of potential signings, thing kinda get confusing. I didn’t really want to correct him there.
      The only person who ever linked Aimar to Bayern was Bernd Schuster a couple of weeks into the season, saying he would’ve solved many problems Bayern were facing.

      1. I do not know the rule, but I thought logically you were mentioning “missed signings” (mean players who were close to come, or at least were rumoured to come to Bayern, but never came). If the only criteria is “never join Bayern” then we’re talking about the likes of Zidane, Messi, Ronaldo, Nesta, Mbappe, no?

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  3. ignoscito saepe alteri, numquam tibi.

    You wouldn’t survive in the german section of the blog with that kind of tough love.
    Nevertheless, very appreciated. Thanks.

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