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subrat Separator September 29, 2020

For this edition of last week in Bayern news, we document the noteworthy encounters and roadblocks for the Bavarians enroute to another significant addition for the cabinet.


Every cadre has issues, issues which once gave this team the FC Hollywood moniker. While we would prefer not to reminisce about the past too much, one would also pray there’s not a modern day Judas Iscariot (that bites) pulling the strings elsewhere.

Reminder of what the record champions face when they return home.

The enforcer of the squad, Javi Martinez has been a torchbearer in the Super Cup, Frank Ribery wished the squad good luck with the hope that the new 7 and 10 can surpass their predecessors.


The team has returned from their short break back to training at the Sabenner today. The Schalke game saw Goretzka suffer a knock, plus Phonzie and Alaba who both had muscular problems. The good news is that all of the aforementioned three have recovered the chinks in their armors, and have resumed training. The bad news?  

The Alaba contract situation has not been resolved yet and might get uglier down the week. With him being the defensive chief and all, this is bound to have repercussions down the season if not resolved faster. At the very least, Bayern are ahead of the curve when it comes to Sergino Dest. 

How both of these things unravel should be common knowledge by the end of the week.

Marco Reus has a successor confirmed. Just when I thought one of the Hazards was on his way to be truly world class…


Just a couple of GOATs having  a few beers between themselves, nothing to see here. Ignore the caption on the second one.

Ahead of Bayern, a strong and resilient Sevilla travel to Budapest to make preparations for the incoming Germans. For them, this stage has been a habit where they have faced countless challenges and teams along the years. Thursday’s showdown is one of habit versus hunger.


We generally do not report transfer news and rumors unless they have been confirmed. However the prospect of Hansi Flick bringing in Mario Götze as a backup, irrespective of its controversial nature is a very interesting project. If there is someone who can revitalize Götze, it’s Flick. There’s no reason for the ultras to be angsty about the move if the manager thinks he can pull it off. However this at the moment is just speculation, and how this piece of news turns out will be intriguing, prior to 10th October.

They just had to skip Thomas Müller, didn’t they? Germans make up the cream of the crop when it comes to players and managers, which goes on to show how German football has come around to define world football since the early 80s.

The Bavarians have already landed in Budapest, armor, boots and all. Following hot on their trails, 1300 Bayern fans who hope to see their team win the first trophy in recent history in attendance of home fans.

Matchday onwards


Tidbit for Thursday: Rapinoes love betting.

On a side note, who does these horrible edit jobs? 

Reminder of what lies ahead when this quadruple is conquered. Plus, there’s Hoffenheim on the way too. And here we thought Lewa was joking last week when he said this season is going to be unlike any we have seen.

Alright, here’s a preview to get you up to speed on the matchup. 


Some Fridays need to be grinded out from start to finish, such is life. And then if you’re unlucky you have another match against Hoffenheim in two days. If both of the above facts apply to you, chances are you play for FC Bayern Munich. We shan’t spoil too much, albeit a hint and a link that covers the match comprehensively.

How come this player wasn’t nominated for UEFA’s Player of the Year top three ahead of KDB will always elude us. Lucas Hernandez impressed us with his love for duels again, and Javi. Javi stole the limelight again. Oh, and they broke another record. No big deal.

You can’t write such stories. CHAMPIOONE!


A wild stuck at home Coman emerges, just in time for tomorrow’s match. Here’s hoping he doesn’t injure himself because of these heavy dreadlocks.

With Dortmund dropping points against Augsburg, and Leipzig’s fixture resulting in a draw, the odds look favorable for the heroes of this tale. To be honest, many of us are still very euphoric about this long run without an L. 

As put very succinctly by Lewandowski, rest for the Bavarians is a luxury right now. There’s a very long season ahead, and how the 11 men navigate these murky waters is completely up to the captain. Sure it will be nice to have more men for the season ahead, sure it will be nice to keep Alaba and give youngsters like Musiala a chance to flourish and so on……but we will say this, the only ones who seem to be putting in the most effort behind the team seem to be Brazzo and Flick. The board would simply be happy to offload a lot of players and save tons of wages in the process for the financial years ahead. But Brazzo and Flick know what’s important right now, this title defense and the prospect of a repetition of the Beckenbauer era. And there might be a lot of knocks on the way, but to keep one’s spirits up and press the breath out of teams is what we look forward to.

»Eier, wir brauchen Eier!«

— Oliver Kahn

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  1. How many week news have we been through without a single new signing yet? I’m desperated! On the other hand I think Gotze is a very interesting option. He can be a jack of all trades backup: attacking mid, left wing, right wing, even striker or a 8 when we really need something. Of course he’s no longer the 2013 golden boy, but he’s supposed to be a backup. He’s free, and looks like he still has ambition. What’s not to like? Unless if he also asks for 20 millions :-)

    Answer Icon3 RepliesClose child-comments
    1. Hi Hien! Thanks as always for your comment and continued engagement! It really is getting concerning as more and more players leave with no one coming in and no apparent replacements. I agree with you regarding Götze and in a way the fact that he isn’t 2013 Götze is actually a positive IMO. So long as they can sign him cheaply enough, he is a very good fit since he won’t have any real expectation of starting but has enough ability to serve as an adequate replacement for several positions. Also, with Hansi as the manager, I feel as though he might be able to squeeze a little extra out of him. We’ll see though, I’m not convinced that they’ll bring him in but at this point I’m not convinced they’ll bring anyone in. I’ve hit rock bottom in regards to expectations for us to do anything that will cost the club more money.

      1. Answer IconDurham Bundesliga Fan Page October 2, 2020 - 21:31

        My question on Gotze is whether he can play on the wings. I’ve seen him used more centrally, so that worries me along with what i perceive is a general lack of pace. I’m no expert on the guy, though, do others have input.

      2. @Durham Bundesliga Fan
        That is a legitimate concern. Götze would be somewhat in the same mold as Thomas Müller, where he can be used there but mostly as a last resort. The benefit to me of having Götze is more as a coverall for several positions. Having him would allow others to stay in their natural position while having him fill a spot if someone misses a few games here or there. It is maybe not a perfect solution but when it comes to backups in a squad like Bayern’s, those can be hard to come by. Either way, this is looking less and less likely. Hertha are apparently interested in him and the Bayern hierarchy has shown no interest.

  2. The board would prolly bring a right back who plays right wing back elsewhere by the end of the transfer window, methinks.

    To hope for a fourth winger is very bleak by today’s standards. Probably a loan or two?

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