Gladbach throws Bayern into crisis mode

Justin Separator October 7, 2018

Shock. After the final whistle, it’s hard to understand what just happened. Bayern lost a game without big chances with 0:3. The performance causes question marks over the heads of the fans.

Expected Goals counted 0.56 to 0.56 goals. So it is legitimate to speak of a decent defensive performance. Absurd.

Now these statistics are not without flaws. In all the goals conceded, the team was again unstable. But the main problem is still the offense. In the back it was neither an extra- nor an unusual performance of the team. It was one that was enough to win on normal Bundesliga days. But such normal days don’t exist at the moment, because in possession of the ball too little pressure is developed forward.

Already before the game we analyzed the tactical weak points in the midfield. Also against Gladbach these problems revealed themselves.

Tactics, squad planning and bad luck

It must be clearly criticized these days that Kovač does not find correct solutions for it. Bayern seems static and without any tempo. But at least he tries something, changes personnel regularly. But that doesn’t seem to be enough.

As a matter of necessity, this criticism also turns to squad planning. Increasingly it becomes apparent how serious Kingsley Coman’s absence really is. Robben and Ribéry are poorly integrated on the one hand, but on the other hand nothing surprising comes from them anymore.

Kovač can’t be blamed for the club extending with the two. He can’t help the fact that the fourth full-back was sold without replacement. When there’s talk of a squad that’s too thin here and there, it’s mainly the fact that 19 field players are not too few, but the quality of the older generation is probably no longer sufficient.

But the coach can do something for the fact that the distances in midfield are often too big. In the end, the squad is no excuse to really explains the current problems. These players – and the first few weeks of the season have proven this – can still play the ball quite well. They should be able to control teams like Augsburg, Hertha and Gladbach at any time.

Against Gladbach everything looked like the knot would finally explode at the beginning. Bayern played dominant, pressed the opponent well and implemented what was missed before. They pressed the opponent to their own penalty area. Still without the last consequence, but with growing self-confidence. That was to be felt. It was a matter of time before the first really hard blow of the Munich team would finally be dealt.

Suddenly, however, two punches were conceded. If Bayern and Gladbach were professional boxers, the first round looked like an early victory for the favourites. The Munich team put their opponent in the right position and waited for the right moment. But out of nowhere, the outsider struck two punches right onto the Bayern nose, which had already been damaged in previous fights.

Bayern only staggered from round to round, but was not able to find their way into the fight because of all the uncertainty. And here lies the real problem of the current situation.

It’s a bit absurd. As good as the start was, as impressively weak was the performance after the early double strike. It becomes clear how much the crisis is also a matter of the mind.

If FC Bayern had had a bit more luck in the initial phase, the knot could have burst. But it did not burst. It twisted itself even further. Football is sometimes crazy.

With all justified criticism it is therefore further important to classify the situation. Kovač has to question himself just as much as the majority of the squad. Decisions made last summer are also increasingly being put in a different light. We will see how much individual players still have the mentality and ambition to withstand the pressure of expectations at FC Bayern. Who could blame someone who has won everything and who has been squeezed out like a lemon by the football system for years? But then those responsible have to react.

The Time Factor

Then maybe they should have reacted sooner. It still wouldn’t be fair to make a remote diagnosis now as to whether this is the case with some players. It would even be premature. Impressions should remain impressions until at least winter. Time is a valuable commodity at FC Bayern. But if Kovač doesn’t get a chance to turn the ship around after four games without a win, you have to seriously ask yourself where football and the club have headed.

If the first 15 minutes of this game run differently in nuances, Gladbach might leave the pitch as a loser. Then perhaps this article would deal with how the Reds slowly played their way to liberation.

That must not be forgotten with all the criticism. Football is sometimes brutal and does not follow any logic. So now we have to talk about attitude, behaviour after setbacks and tactical deficits. But would Matthias Sammer, whom many currently miss, have beaten up the team after such a game?

He would probably have protected them and proclaimed the international break a welcome cut. Then you’ll have to attack again together. With new ideas, new courage and hopefully a little more luck. There Kovač does not take himself out of responsibility. The coach will have to change something beyond personnel changes.

Because according to Kimmich, bad luck is certainly no coincidence. FC Bayern therefore needs good results as quickly as possible. And then there’s no question that the tactical difficulties can be pushed back into the background by greater self-confidence alone.

But this self-confidence must strengthen Kovač again. Especially in the mental area, it is a big challenge for FC Bayern, which is imminent in the coming weeks. Kovač is in the corner and must fight back. But the club should show cohesion right now and do everything in its power to get out of this situation together. Because that is by no means a thing of impossibility. As dramatically as the current situation is portrayed with pleasure, so fast the ship can also be turned again.


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