Female FC Bayern player of the year 2016: Vivianne Miedema

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Miasanrot do not have a totally objective view on FC Bayern. We are emotional supporters. And thus biased beyond all hope. We want to watch football. Attractive football. Successful football. We have many first world problems. We are able to hate every bit about a game, which our team won. The victory being undeserved and lucky. Our team unable to force their game onto the opponent. Repeatedly using futile means instead of changing the approach. Thus we are very rarely simply celebrating the goals scored. Goals can mean anything, to us they often mean next to nothing.

Our female FC Bayern player of the year 2016: Vivianne Miedema.
(Images (from left to right): Alexander Hassenstein; Adam Pretty; Adam Pretty (all Bongarts/ Getty Images)

Thus Gina Lewandowski was another promising contender for this year’s Miasanrot award. The left-back is always holding her ground defensively, is able to generate immense pressure going forward, utilizing diagonal runs, which puts her opponents under direct pressure. She also helps out on the right side, when coach Wörle is calling. Nora Holstad, Sara Däbritz, Tinja-Riikka Korpela and Melanie Beringer, last year’s winner, also shouldered a lot of responsibility this year. Nevertheless, we couldn’t ignore the following facts.

NameStarting XI allStarting XI CLStarting XI LeagueStarting XI Cup
Gina Lewandowski263203
Nora Holstad Berge264202
Vivianne Miedema243183
Melanie Behringer243201
Sara Däbritz243192
Tinja-Riikka Korpela (T)233182
Leonie Maier213153
Lisa Evans174121
Viktoria Schnaderbeck172141
Melanie Leupolz131102
Verena Faißt11371
Stefanie van der Gragt11470
Nicole Rolser9261
Mana Iwabuchi8071
Caroline Abbé8053
Simone Laudehr7151
Carina Wenninger7151
Katharina Baunach5212
Manuela Zinsberger (T)4121
Verónica Boquete3030
Anna Gerhardt3111
Claire Falknor3021
Eunice Beckmann1010
Vanessa Bürki1010
Raffaella Manieri1010

NameALL minutesCL minutesLeague minutesCup minutes
Nora Holstad Berge23153601800155
Gina Lewandowski22992701800229
Sara Däbritz21232321711180
Melanie Behringer2072230175290
Tinja-Riikka Korpela (T)20702701620180
Vivianne Miedema19762361514226
Leonie Maier17682701230268
Viktoria Schnaderbeck1530180126090
Lisa Evans14473091029109
Melanie Leupolz115390897166
Verena Faißt98824565390
Stefanie van der Gragt97736059819
Nicole Rolser876184550142
Carina Wenninger833130574129
Caroline Abbé7890519270
Simone Laudehr6339744690
Mana Iwabuchi620055763
Katharina Baunach496224111161
Anna Gerhardt380115159106
Manuela Zinsberger (T)3609018090
Claire Falknor3282621290
Verónica Boquete28602860
Eunice Beckmann14901472
Vanessa Bürki750750
Raffaella Manieri610610
Verena Wieder5242100
Melike Pekel3801325
Laura Feiersinger360360

That’s why we are proud to call Vivianne Miedema our female FC Bayern player of the year 2016. She is the undisputed scoring machine for the FC Bayern women’s team. Putting the ball over the line is her job. Her scoring more goals than their teammates is not really surprising, but when put into perspective the number of goals she scored can really make your eyes pop out.

In 2016 she scored 27 goals: 13 in 1.514 league minutes, 5 in 226 cup minutes and 7 in 236 Champions League minutes. Captain Melanie Behringer comes in second with…

… 8 goals.

NameGoals AllGoals CLGoals LeagueGoals CupMinutes AllGoals p90
Vivianne Miedema27713519761.23
Melanie Behringer817020720.35
Sara Däbritz613221230.25
Nicole Rolser51228760.51
Anna Gerhardt42023800.95
Stefanie van der Gragt41039770.37
Melanie Leupolz420211530.31
Claire Falknor20023280.55
Mana Iwabuchi20206200.29
Simone Laudehr20116330.28
Lisa Evans220014470.12
Leonie Maier200217680.10
Gina Lewandowski202022990.08
Nora Holstad Berge211023150.08
Melike Pekel1001382.37
Katharina Baunach10014960.18
Carina Wenninger10018330.11

Miedema scored 1.23 goals per 90 minutes. Compared to Lionel Messi’s 1.05 and Cristiano Ronaldo’s 0.96 in La Liga, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s 1.07 in the Bundesliga and Olivier Giroud’s 1.34 in the Premier League.

In other words, Vivianne Miedema scores at least one goal per game on average. Yes, outside of the Bundesliga Bayern played against some easier opponents, but Miedema’s numbers are sensational. She scored the 1-0 twelve times this year.

Obviously the Dutchwoman depends on the strength and the service her team is providing – as well as goalkeepers can hardly claim clean sheets for themselves without depending on the defensive line. Miedema would starve without her teammates feeding her with balls, but she also has that instinct in front of the goal, that others would kill for. And with “others” I don’t mean “other people”, but “other strikers”.

In front of the goal she is calm and collected. Furthermore, Viv doesn’t only do tap-ins, but impossible angles, curler from the distance. She also likes to not only go past the goalkeeper, but to slalom through one or two defenders beforehand. Even in a crowded box she keeps her calm and overview. Due to her height that often doesn’t look exceptionally fast, but her opponents are outmanouvered nonetheless. Some of her chances she even creates by herself.

Our number 10 is at FC Bayern for two and a half years now. While in the beginning her youthfull inconsistency was often pointed at, she was already an integral part of the back-to-back Bundesliga titles. By now she often generates the first wave of pressure in pressing against the opponents, wins lose balls and also has the vision in the transitional phase to start the counter-attack, which she will finish off just a couple of seconds later herself.

Positional play and dominating duels

Even though the defenders know what to expect, Miedema gives them a hard time with her excellent timing and feeling for the right areas. Furthermore she brings perseverance to the pitch, which simply annoys every opponent. She doesn’t do dirty tricks or injury risking tackles, she just doesn’t move out of the way. When I would be on the same escalator with her, I would take care of standing on the right side. In the air she is also very hard to beat.

MONTREAL, QC - JUNE 15: Kadeisha Buchanan #3 of Canada and Vivianne Miedema #9 of the Netherlands jump for the ball during the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup Group A match at Olympic Stadium on June 15, 2015 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Final score between Canada and the Netherlands 1-1. (Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images)

MONTREAL, QC - JUNE 15: Vivianne Miedema #9 of the Netherlands challenges Kadeisha Buchanan #3 of Canada during the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup Group A match at Olympic Stadium on June 15, 2015 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. (Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images)Images: Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

All in all, Miedema is already one of the most complete players in the league, with 20. And still, the glass ceiling of her potential seems to be far away from her pony tail.

We congratulate us to such a player and Vivianne Miedema to her award as the female FC Bayern player of the year 2016. We don’t expect any reaction, except maybe a little smirk, because we love her even more for sparing us the crest kissing and “hearting” after she put the ball in the back of the net.

All numbers refer to the FC Bayern women’s competitive games in 2016. 20xLeague, 4xCL, 3xCup.

»Eier, wir brauchen Eier!«

— Oliver Kahn

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