FC Bayern sign Süle and Rudy

Justin Separator January 15, 2017

On Sunday morning the club announced, that Rudy will sign a 3-year contract until 2020 and Süle a contract until 2022. Both are starting their Bayern campaigns from the next season on.

Rudy, a better Rode?

A lot of Bayern fans were shaking their heads when the rumours about Sebastian Rudy first appeared. Taking a closer look at the personell, this transfer definitely makes sense. The 26-year old is a German international for a reason and can play multiple positions. In defensive midfield as well as central midfield he’s had some very good games for Hoffenheim.

The more interesting thing about the soon-to-be Bayern player is his ability to play at right-back. With Rafinha and Lahm, the record champion has two aging stars in their squad and seem to be forced to look for a replacement already. With his quality Rudy could be a perfect back-up for the current leaders of the Bundesliga. Similar to Sebastian Rode, just a lot more versatile and equipped with a better skill-set.

The international is very aggressive in the tackle, stands out with good positioning and rarely makes a grave error. The rather short 3-year deal shows, that Bayern have looked for a short term fix. The transfer also means, that the contract with Xabi Alonso will probably not be renewed. Independent on whether one thinks Rudy is primarily a midfielder or defender.

Süle is a promise to the future

Niklas Süle, however, is only 21 years old and will sign a five-year contract with the reigning champion. He’s played an outstanding first half of the season for TSG Hoffenheim, where he’s won roughly 68% of his tackles. He’s also very good at heading, but especially clever with the ball. His passing accuracy is 90%, the verticality of those passes and around 80 touches per 90 minutes solidify the impression, that Süle is a big promise for the future. He’s the most important player for Hoffenheim’s build-up and has showed in several teams of the national team, that he’s destined for greater tasks.

The transfer is a signal to the competition. In a lot of places it was speculated, that Süle would move to England or another Bundesliga team which isn’t FC Bayern. Today, the Bavarians have announced his signing, however.

What FC Bayern is planning

The record champion is planning for the future. Lahm, Alonso and Rafinha will leave the club sooner than later. With Kimmich there is already a player in the club, that can play both positions. It’s still the right step for Bayern to look for more solutions.

Rudy is a very solid player with some potential. It’ll be exciting to observe, if he could become more than a really good back-up.

The question for Süle will be, how quickly he’s going to get games. Boateng, Hummels and Martínez are some proper competition. The past has shown, all three have had problems with their fitness though. To acquire a fourth centre-back, who is 21 years old with massive potential, is the right decision.

The fans can rejoice about two very talented and good footballers, that will definitely strengthen FC Bayern’s squad for the upcoming season.

»Eier, wir brauchen Eier!«

— Oliver Kahn

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