Who will be FC Bayern’s coach?

Justin Separator February 8, 2018

First of all, there is the question of what the new coach should offer. FC Bayern needs a clear idea of how to play in the next few years. Real Madrid, Barcelona, the English clubs and Paris have all left FC Bayern in the dust in the transfer market. If they want to buy players of the highest caliber, they can do so without flinching. Bayern could do the same, but they don’t want to do so at the moment out of principle, and therefore have to find alternatives to catch up. This includes, for example, the tactical area.

The job profile

Van Gaal’s appointment changed the philosophy of the record champion. The so-called “Hero football”, a term coined by Volker Finke, was omnipresent at Bayern. Players were indiscriminately bought together and the system varied from coach to coach. There was no overarching philosophy and no core idea that ran through the entire club.

At least Louis van Gaal brought a tactical idea to Munich. He laid the foundation for possession-oriented and dominant football. Jupp Heynckes adapted to this and enhanced the system of his predecessor with important elements such as higher counterpressing and more vertical passing. Then came Pep Guardiola, who raised FC Bayern to a level they hadn’t seen before, from a tactical perspective.

Louis van Gaal and Jupp Heynckes brought FC Bayern back to the throne of Europe.
(Image: Christof Koepsel / Bongarts / Getty Images)

One suddenly got the feeling that something fundamental had changed within the club. There was a conviction and an idea of how to understand football. Carlo Ancelotti’s appointment didn’t quite fit in. The Italian did not stand for a clear philosophy, nor for the development of teams. Apparently, the hope was that he could manage the status quo. It went wrong.

Finally, Jupp Heynckes came back as a temporary solution. A clearly defined callback, which should only last until the end of this season. Accordingly, it was his task to reinstall the basics and somehow manage a successful season so that a change could take place in the summer. To some extent, expectations were limited to bringing this season to a successful close. There were no immediate expectations that he would further develop or begin transitioning the team.

This is the greatest challenge for the future coach. He has to further develop the team, bring Robben and Ribéry into a less dominant role (or discard them) and establish new ideas. Meanwhile, he must do all of this using a sporting concept that FC Bayern will be able to identify with over the next few years and that also matches the squad. In other words, a new era must begin.

On the next page we will discuss some scenarios.

»Eier, wir brauchen Eier!«

— Oliver Kahn

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