MSR-EN022 A loss, some wins, a cat and DFB

It’s far more interesting to talk about a loss than it is to chat about wins for Bayern Munich, so the pair treat this (relatively) short podcast as such.

First up is the standard HSV butt-kicking that FCB have handed down over the last couple of seasons: Is this the year the clock actually stops in Hamburg? Is losing them to 2. Bundesliga a great loss? While Thomas Mueller had a fantastic match, is Hamburg the correct team for him to be judged on?

Next the duo travel to the seething crowds in Istanbul, but sadly, with Bayern being up 5:0 in the first leg, the result was already a foregone conclusion. But, wait! The star of the show was a cat! (And no, to all who asked, it was not Susie’s cat.)

The loss to Leipzig brings up plenty of questions from Jupp Heynckes’ selection, to what in the world was going on with Sebastian Rudy, but the one thing that was definitely agreed on by both Maurice and Susie was that Bayern wholly deserved to take a loss here. Of course this comes from a place of extreme privilege noting that Bayern will be holding the Meisterschale very soon.

Segueing nicely from there, the pair ask some legitimate questions about Joachim Loew’s German National team selection, like: Why was Rudy called up? There’s the usual banter over “who would you rather?” as the DFB now will truly start to take some shape with the side they’ll bring to Russia.

Thank you, as always, for listening in! We’ll rejoin you for a round-up after the friendlies with the hope that no one gets hurt before getting back into the heart of the season. Mia San Mia!

March 22, 2018 / 0 Comments

MSR-EN022 A loss, some wins, a cat and DFB

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