Episode 19 – Schalke, Wolfsburg & the youth

fussballsusie Separator February 21, 2018

First up are the Bundesliga matches, both not entirely pleasant or comfortable 2-1 wins for FCB. The Schalke match veered into wildness at times, but Bayern’s wild man– Vidal– would be there to take control. The Wolfsburg game came with its own set of problems as the Reds fielded an unfamiliar line up.

Next, Anup fields questions from Marc and Susie about both the U17 and 19 teams, how their structure is coming along, and who might we see in the senior side over the next few seasons.

Manuel Neuer’s trip to Thailand, and his injury are discussed at length, as well as his treatment by Dr. Mueller-Wohlfahrt (and probably a bit too much about stem cell treatments). The trio leave off with a roundtable discussion on who might be leaving (or staying at) the club next season.

Sorry for the delay on this one, folks, but it’s a heck of an episode. Thanks for joining us, as always, and we will be back to chat with you next week.

Mia san mia.

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  1. Love the podcasts, Huge Die Rotten from California. however, not to be rude Susie the audio quality has to be better. They are not too many English speaking podcasts of our beloved team. The audio quality can be increased by better mics and equipment . You guys should create a patreon page. I guarantee there are plenty of bayern fans through out the world the would support the cause .

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    1. Thanks for the input, Kenny! Unfortunately Anup’s echo wasn’t clear in the recording, and only became so when I mixed the episode down. (As a side note, I also screwed up my mixing program– so there’s that. Haha.) It’s been getting better as I figure out what I am doing, so I do hope you stick around!

  2. Of course Imma stick around haha, I am learning german there is alot of deutsch podcasts for bayern but yeah its nice to see an Englisch speaking one. Love your guys work and website. I will be a loyal listener thanks guys!

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