Munich Finishes the Season in Style

Marc Separator June 27, 2020

Shortly before the break, Cuisance would make it 2-0 with his first ever Bundesliga goal. And what a goal it was! He received the ball outside the box, sidestepped a defender and blasted the ball into the top corner.

After the break Bayern had a number of opportunities but failed to capitalize until Cuisance was brought down in the box and Guilavogui was sent off for a second yellow. Lewandowski converted the penalty for his 34th goal of the season and made it 3-0. Finally, Müller would get in on the scoring action by blasting a ball past Casteels after bringing down a cross from Ivan Perisic. That goal would be the last and was also Bayern’s 100th goal on the season, just short of another record.

Professional Performance

Coming into this game, Bayern had very little to play for in terms of the Bundesliga. Their only goal really was to stay healthy and keep up the rhythm and momentum. They did exactly that and dispatched a motivated Wolfsburg squad with ease.

While not important on paper, it is very important for the team in their coming matchup with Leverkusen and further down the road in the Champions League. It is a good indicator of their motivation, professionalism and general state of mind right now. This team is focused and has their eye on every prize they have available to them. They want to win. They want to dominate. They will not settle.

While they have more challenges ahead to achieve their ultimate dreams of winning all three competitions they’re competing in this season, this focus and determination is a great sign for all Bayern fans. There is a real sense that this team is special and whether they ultimately win 1, 2 or 3 titles this season, that will not change.


This match also allowed for several players to make one final appearance in the Bundesliga. More likely than not, we saw the last performances from Coutinho and Odriozola in the Bundesliga and maybe as members of Bayern Munich. While neither player’s time here was likely what either party hoped for, Coutinho especially had some important moments early in the season that should not be forgotten.

Unfortunately Javi Martinez missed out on what maybe would have been his Bundesliga match with an injury. He has been such an important player for Bayern for such a long time that we can only hope he gets a proper farewell in another match. While it is not certain he will leave following the season, many reports seem to indicate it as a possibility.

Whether this was the end for any other players is to be seen. It very well could have been for many players including Ivan Perisic, who’s loan comes to an end, though there have been negotiations to make the move permanent. There has been a lot of talk around some of the longterm players like Jerome Boateng, David Alaba and Thiago. Sven Ulreich also will likely move on with Nubel coming in.

No matter who leaves and who stays, they will all have been a part of something special this season and have all contributed to Bayern in significant ways over their time here. For all those who do move on, we wish them all the best in life and on the field.

Time to Work

They don’t call this the business end of the season for nothing. Despite winning their 8th straight Bundesliga title, the players and coaches will not be satisfied or complacent in the following weeks. Just next week they have the DFB Pokal final in Berlin to prepare for, so any celebrations will have to be short and tame as tomorrow or Monday more likely, they will have to get right back to work.

The match against Leverkusen will be a tough one. Leverkusen just missed out on the last Champions League spot next season and will be looking to get something meaningful out of this year. Unlike the match a few weeks ago, they will likely have Kai Havertz and which will of course make them more dangerous. Bayern will need to be focused and play to the best of their abilities to come out with their second trophy next week.

»Eier, wir brauchen Eier!«

— Oliver Kahn

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