FC Bayern – Miasanrot Advent Calendar, Door 22: Hans-Jörg Butt

Maurice Separator December 24, 2022
From the penalty spot to the number 22 to the number 1 in goal for FC Bayern München and number [...]

FC Bayern – Miasanrot Advent Calendar, Door 13: Michael Ballack

Maurice Separator December 15, 2022
Choosing an unlucky number as his shirt number is something the player hiding behind today’s door has strangely done more [...]

FC Bayern – Miasanrot Advent Calendar, Door 8: Hamit Altintop

Maurice Separator December 9, 2022
Behind today’s door 8 of the Miasanrot Advent calendar there is a (yesterday’s) birthday boy who, against all odds, convinced [...]

Ten predictions for FC Bayern’s 22/23 season: these players will take off

Maurice Separator August 7, 2022
After an all-in transfer summer, FC Bayern München raised the curtain on the new season with the opening match at [...]

10 years, 10 titles, 10 stories: first treble, Pep years and Ancelotti hopes

Maurice Separator May 10, 2022
10 YEARS, 10 TITLES, 10 STORIES: TRIPLE, PEP YEARS AND ANCELOTTI FOLKLORE FC Bayern make history and write special stories. [...]

Gerd Müller obituary – a Bayern myth

Maurice Separator August 20, 2021
For me as a child of the 90s, Gerd Müller was a myth. I had never been able to see [...]

MSR Awards 20/21 Season: Unfulfilled promise of the season

Maurice Separator May 27, 2021
In a season that ended with the 9th championship in a row, it is difficult to pick a loser. Instead, [...]

An MSR roundtable ahead of the weeks of truth

Maurice Separator April 2, 2021
After the international break, it is back to business for FC Bayern. In the space of five days, they first [...]