Three Things We Noticed: FC Bayern Reserves – TSV 1860 3:1 (2:0)

Martin Separator April 30, 2018
Amateure vs. TSV, GrundformationenReserves vs. TSV, starting formations

Because Jupp Heynckes used Niklas Dorsch and Franck Evina against Eintracht Frankfurt from the beginning, Tim Walter had to change his planned 4-2-3-1 formation on two positions. In front of Christian Früchtl, the familiar back four around Felix Götze, Maxime Awoudja, Nicolas Feldhahn and Derrick Köhn defended. Adrian Fein bit his teeth after a four-week injury break and replaced Niklas Dorsch in defensive midfield, although he wasn’t fit enough for 90 minutes. The midfield was completed by Fabian Benko, Timothy Tillman, Milos Pantovic and Raphael Obermair, who also made a comeback after injury. Dorsch and Evina sat on the bench after their first team debut.

Löwen coach Daniel Bierofka also opted for a 4-2-3-1, with the former Bayern youth player sending five players onto the field, who also appeared in the junior section of the record champion: Philipp Steinhart, Kodjovi Koussou, Daniel Wein, Simon Seferings and Jan Mauersberger, whose father heads the referees’ section of FC Bayern Munich. In attack, Sascha Mölders was again responsible for the goals, whose move to Säbener Straße last summer failed only because of his financial demands.

In case you missed it

Right from the start, the team in the red and white jerseys took control of the game against the Löwen. Both teams used a back three during build up. While the number 6 Daniel Wein always moved between the central defenders and the fullbacks pushed quite high, the Bayern reserves were much more dynamic. Depending on the game situation, either a fullback or one of the two central defenders moved into central midfield.

This caused great problems for the guests. As a result, Bayern played better and better in the free spaces that resulted from the changes of position and put pressure on 1860. In the 16th minute Pantovic missed his first chance, the goalkeeper had sussed out his attempt of lob in time. Two minutes later, however, the ball was in the net for a deserved lead: After several position changes Adrian Fein dribbles up the field from the centre-back position, Götze running on the right offensive wing has no opponent and serves Wriedt in the centre, who scored with his second attempt for the deserved lead (18th).

Raphael Obermair could have scored the second goal just two minutes later, but his shot just missed the goal on the left. As a result, the reserves retreated a little further back and started to build up the Löwen play more situatively than before. However, this was completely sufficient to limit the guests to their only proven tactical means, namely to hit long, high balls towards Sascha Mölders. However, he hardly had any chance against Feldhahn and Awoudja. Even when he won a header duel, the attentive Benko and Fein were usually there to take the ball back.

Tim Walter’s team made several breakthroughs on the wings. Mostly via the agile Pantovic, who played cat and mouse with ex-Bayer Steinhart. But either the occupation of the penalty area was not optimal or the crosses were inaccurate. In one situation Fabian Benko missed quite freely to play the ball on the second post, at which Obermaier only had to push in (33.).

It was not surprising that the Löwen offense with its quality could not be stopped for the whole 90 minutes. For the first time Mölders managed to put a high ball on one player. However, Nico Karger failed in the 36th minute from around 18 metres due to the brilliantly parrying Christian Früchtl. Only three minutes later, Mölders, harassed by Feldhahn, rushed past a well struck flank only by a hair’s breadth.

But even these chances did not change the oppressive superiority of the Bayern reserves. And just before the half-time break, the team was once again rewarded for their outstanding performance. Pantovic, Goetze and Fein dominate the right wing with outstanding passing, in the end Adrian Fein leaves the former Red Daniel Wein standing like a schoolboy with a strong start. Wriedt finds his cross, whose header can still be fended off by Hiller. But Obermair is on the spot and takes the 2-0 half-time lead.

As expected, the Löwen started the second half much sharper. Daniel Bierofka is known for his excellent mental approach to his teams. But even the now more fierce Löwen were unable to create any playful highlights. Bierofka’s static concept, which provided for almost no change of position, was far too transparent. Standard situations and high balls were the only means that led to opportunities for the guests. On the other side, Bayern were regularly able to work their way up, but were too negligent with their chances. Wriedt (51st), Pantovic (56th) and Fein (58th) missed the decision.

Fabian Benko im Zweikampf
Fabian Benko in action.

A standard situation of the guests was not cleared, Wein’s actually harmless shot from 20 meters rolled past friend and foe into the long corner. Logically, the goal brought the Löwen back on track, while the reserves needed a few minutes to find their way back to their ball safety. But a short time later the young team of the record champion caught up and won again the control of the game.

The only means that the Löwen found in the succession was exaggerated hardness. Mauersberger should have seen the red card for his open-sole slide against Fabian Benko’s ankle, but got off with a warning. Finally, Derrick Köhn made the decision. His shot into the lower left corner caused the Giesinger Berg to shake for the third time on this day. After seven minutes of injury time and several missed chances for the fourth goal, the referee whistled and officially made the Bayern reserves the second strongest force in Munich. Afterwards, the team celebrated the victory with more than 10,000 Bavarian fans, while the Löwen fans made their way home ludicrously.

Three things we noticed

1. Tim Walter will be missed

What has been on the horizon for months has recently been publicly announced. Tim Walter leaves FC Bayern after three years in the summer. With him FC Bayern loses its best junior coach. The coach who brought the first junior championship to Munich after ten years. The coach, who contrary to other opinions within the club promoted Lukas Mai two years without compromise. The coach, who succeeded in each of the three years, not only to develop the team over the season outstandingly, but also to make the players individually unmistakably stronger.

The derby won was Tim Walter’s masterpiece in Munich. His offensive game philosophy not only fits perfectly with FC Bayern, but also inspires the fans. Walter is not always an easy character. He likes the discussion, is very direct at times and consistent in his playing idea. But also a guy who, ten minutes later, is tame again and completely forgiving. Unfortunately, these have never been the best prerequisites for a longer career at a club like FC Bayern.

According to the latest rumours, his immediate future could now lie with Holstein Kiel. It is to be wished that both he and Holstein Kiel give him the necessary time at the beginning to transfer his playing philosophy to the team. Because then Holstein Kiel will not only have one of the most exciting German coach talents, but a man who will make sure that no one will ever miss the departing Markus Anfang.

2. There is only one logical successor: Tobias Schweinsteiger

When Tim Walter joined FC Bayern in 2015, Tobi Schweinsteigers started his coaching career. For three years he now acted as assistant coach of Tim Walter. Both share the idea of an offensive playing philosophy. In 2017 Schweinsteiger completed the course for the DFB A license with the full number of points. Since the course was introduced 17 years ago, only one other participant scored the full points: A certain Thomas Tuchel.

The path of the Bayern reserves in recent months has been extremely successful. The team has won 14 of the last 17 games. This makes it by far the best team of the second half of the season. So the path is undoubtedly the right one. And instead of turning away from him with a new trainer, the best way is the greatest possible continuity. Some players are leaving the team, but there are some outstanding talents coming out of the youth.

Tobi Schweinsteiger brings everything you need for the job. Talent as coach, the smell of the stable, the love for FC Bayern and the unconditional support of the team. After the rejection by Mehmet Scholl, hopefully those responsible will see Basti’s brother as the best choice.

3. Früchtl, Götze, Awoudja, Feldhahn, Köhn, Türkkalesi, Benko, Fein, Dorsch, Tillman, Obermair, Pantovic, Wriedt, Evina

After the game, Tim Walter was asked at the press conference which player stood out today. He replied perfectly well that “all eleven” were outstanding, and he certainly also meant the substitute players. No matter which player you pick from the team, everyone can no longer be compared with the player he was at the beginning of the season. Felix Götze plays a modern right-back, the so often overlooked Awoudja as much as the old warhorse Nicolas Feldhahn, who often seemed completely overwhelmed in the preparation for the season.

Fabian Benko, who always looks so feeble, has finally arrived in men’s football, winning duels against experienced second-league players such as Mauersberger and Mölders. Niklas Dorsch is playing with the pros against Eintracht Frankfurt and acts in midfield with ball control as if he already had years of experience at Bundesliga level. Adrian Fein dominates the midfield with his presence, repeatedly sprinkling strong runs into the game and not for nothing now has a regular place in the German U19 national team next to Arne Meier and Kai Havertz, who are experienced in the German Bundesliga.

These were just a few examples, but they are intended to illustrate the development of the team. The team of coaches set the course, the team followed it. And everyone benefited from it. If you read through the line-up of this game again in five years’ time, there will certainly be numerous Bundesliga and second-league appearances behind these 14 names.

Rewatch the whole game on Sport1.

FC Bayern Reserves – TSV 1860 3:1 (2:0)
FC Bayern Reserves Früchtl – Götze, Feldhahn, Awoudja, Köhn – Fein (64. Türkkalesi), Benko – Pantovic, Tillman (81. Dorsch), Obermair (74. Evina) – Wriedt
Bench Weinkauf, Mayer, Crnicki, Isherwood
TSV 1860 Hiller – Weeger, Berzel, Mauersberger, Steinhart – Wein, Seferings (77. Gebhart), Andermatt (46. Köppel) – Koussou, Mölders, Karger (75. Kindsvater)
Bench Bonmann, Aigner, Helmbrecht, Görlitz
Goals 1:0 Wriedt (18.), 2:0 Obermair (45.), 2:1 Wein (65.), 3:1 Köhn (88.)
Yellow Cards Pantovic / Mauersberger, Möders
Referee Steffen Brütting
Attendance 12,500 (sold-out)

»Eier, wir brauchen Eier!«

— Oliver Kahn

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