Season Preview 2019/20 For FC Bayern Women

Jolle Separator August 16, 2019

Bayern have lost a number of regular players and consequently were actively seeking replacements on the transfer market. Additionally, the team will also be led by a new coach this season. We examine the squad with a few key figures, provide an overview of the league’s top scorers, introduce the new coaching team, review the test matches during pre-season and take a look the first fixtures in the league, the German Cup and the Champions League.

The FC Bayern Women’s Squad

Among the departures were top-notch key players

The departure of attacking trio Fridolina Rolfö, Sara Däbritz and Jill Roord was a considerable blow. Together, they scored 2.23 goals every 90 minutes – assists not included. The fact that Rolfö will make good use of her skills for Bayern’s competitor Wolfsburg in the future only adds to the significance of her departure.

Bayern have also lost substance in their defense. Right-back Leonie Maier, an experienced player of the national team, went through a season full of ups and downs with Bayern. At the age of 26, however, she embodies the perfect mix of experience and potential for improvement, both of which she will bring to her new club Arsenal in the future.

Arsenal is also the new home of Manuela Zinsberger, who is already a top goalkeeper but will probably only reach her peak with in the next few years. She will not only be missed between the sticks but also in the locker room and on Bayern’s social media channels.

pgg/90g/tgmin% minstartsubinsuboutm/tmage
Anna Gerhardt000/75360.020202/2221
Lucie Vonková10.331/752700.143225/2227
Gina Lewandowski30.383/757160.3683211/2234
Leonie Maier10.081/7510790.54122414/2226
Fridolina Rolfö90.919/758870.4588316/2225
Manuela Zinsberger000/7516240.82180018/2223
Jill Roord70.617/7510330.52118719/2222
Sara Däbritz130.7113/7516490.83191420/2224

League Overview: Last Season’s Goalscorers

pgnpgpgg/90tg% tgmin% minm/tmt
Ewa Pajor242401.55940.2613980.719/22Wolfsburg
Pernille Harder181710.61940.1925030.8521/22Wolfsburg
Lea Schüller141400.64500.281984122/22Essen
Sara Däbritz131300.71750.1716490.8320/22Bayern
Alexandra Popp131210.44940.1424470.8520/22Wolfsburg
Mandy Islacker121201.41750.167680.3913/22Bayern
Lara Prasnikar101000.71590.1712690.6422/22Potsdam
Laura Freigang101000.57480.2115860.7920/22Frankfurt
Laura Feiersinger101000.47480.2118960.9521/22Frankfurt
Fridolina Rolfö9900.91750.128870.4516/22Bayern
Lena Sophie Oberdorf9900.69500.1811770.5916/22Essen
Maximiliane Rall9900.41480.1919580.9922/22Hoffenheim
Nicole Billa9720.38480.1916410.8320/22Hoffenheim
Viktoria Schwalm8800.64590.1411240.5621/22Potsdam
Tabea Waßmuth8800.45480.1716090.8121/22Hoffenheim
Dörthe Hoppius8800.37210.3819300.9422/22Duisburg
Giulia Gwinn8800.37410.219490.9822/22Freiburg
Caroline Graham Hansen8530.19940.0924240.8422/22Wolfsburg
Lena Petermann7701.05590.126010.310/22Potsdam
Jill Roord7700.61750.0910330.5219/22Bayern
Géraldine Reuteler7700.39480.1516210.8120/22Frankfurt
Zsanett Jakabfi7700.39940.0716220.4120/22Wolfsburg
Svenja Huth7700.33590.1218940.9521/22Potsdam
Lina Magull7520.48750.099290.4717/22Bayern
Shekiera Martinez6601.7480.133170.1617/22Frankfurt
Kristine Minde6600.35940.0615420.3710/22Wolfsburg
Ivana Rudelic6600.34220.2716070.8119/22Leverkusen
Sandra Starke6600.32410.1516740.8421/22Freiburg
Tanja Pawollek6600.27480.131999122/22Frankfurt
Sharon Beck6420.28410.1512640.6417/22Freiburg
Felicitas Rauch6240.09590.119770.9922/22Potsdam
Jovana Damnjanovic5500.72750.076250.3213/22Bayern
Milena Nikolic5500.61290.177320.379/22Sand
Selina Cerci5500.49230.229200.4613/22Werder
Ramona Petzelberger5500.48500.19390.4712/22Essen
Lena Lattwein5500.27480.116970.8520/22Hoffenheim
Nina Burger4400.36290.1410050.5113/22Sand
Dina Blagojevic4400.34290.1410690.5416/22Sand
Anne Fühner4400.33480.0810780.5414/22Hoffenheim
Rieke Dieckmann4400.27590.0713560.6821/22Potsdam
Katharina Schiechtl4400.24230.1715270.7617/22Werder
Johanna Elsig4400.19590.0718970.9521/22Potsdam
Sarah Zadrazil4400.19590.0718810.9522/22Potsdam
Sofia Nati3300.84230.133210.164/22Werder
Verena Wieder3300.61410.074420.2211/22Freiburg
Gina Lewandowski3300.38750.047160.3611/22Bayern
Pia-Sophie Wolter3300.38940.037020.3214/22Wolfsburg
Valentina Oppedisano3300.2870.439640.4914/22Gladbach
Lena Uebach3300.24220.1411090.5619/22Leverkusen
Elisabeth Mayr3300.21220.1412640.6420/22Leverkusen
Lineth Beerensteyn3300.19750.0414120.7119/22Bayern
Klara Bühl3300.16410.0716400.8221/22Freiburg
Sydney Lohmann3300.16750.0417210.8721/22Bayern
Anna Gasper3300.15590.0517960.921/22Potsdam
Jana Vojteková3300.15290.118370.9221/22Sand
Fabienne Dongus3300.14480.0619540.9822/22Hoffenheim
Henrietta Csiszár3300.14220.1418760.9421/22Leverkusen
Noelle Maritz3300.13940.0321440.6716/22Wolfsburg
Nilla Fischer3300.1940.0325850.8921/22Wolfsburg
Marie Müller2200.97410.051860.096/22Freiburg
Stefanie Sanders2200.95410.051890.16/22Freiburg
Nicole Rolser2200.47750.033830.197/22Bayern
Isabelle Meyer2200.36290.074990.2514/22Sand
Jana Beuschlein2200.3480.046080.3119/22Hoffenheim
Rahel Kiwic2200.25590.037290.3712/22Potsdam
Clara Schöne2200.19410.059320.4711/22Freiburg
Verena Volkmer2200.16230.0910950.5519/22Werder
Gina-Maria Chmielinski2200.14590.0313280.6718/22Potsdam
Verena Schweers2200.14750.0312570.6315/22Bayern
Babett Peter2200.13940.0213900.718/22Wolfsburg
Leticia Santos de Oliveira2200.13290.0713910.717/22Sand
Reena Wichmann2200.13230.0913560.6820/22Werder
Sara Björk Gunnarsdóttir2200.13940.0214190.7116/22Wolfsburg
Jobina Lahr2200.12410.0514920.7519/22Freiburg
Desiree van Lunteren2200.11410.0516710.8420/22Freiburg
Henrike Sahlmann2200.1220.0918480.9322/22Leverkusen
Lisa-Marie Scholz2200.1230.0918840.9421/22Werder
Nadine Prohaska2200.1290.0717190.8620/22Sand
Anne van Bonn2200.09290.0719010.9521/22Sand
Gabriella Tóth2200.09230.0919880.9922/22Werder
Rebecca Knaak2110.06410.0515280.7721/22Freiburg
Leonie Pankratz2110.05480.0418070.9120/22Hoffenheim
Merle Barth2020220.0916520.8319/22Leverkusen
Justine Vanhaevermaet1103.1290.03290.013/22Sand
Jessica Wich1102.57220.05350.021/22Leverkusen
Katharina Baunach1100.47940.011930.14/22Wolfsburg
Lucie Vonková1100.33750.012700.145/22Bayern
Cláudia Pires Neto1100.27940.013310.175/22Wolfsburg
Carolin Schiewe1100.24410.023760.195/22Freiburg
Simone Laudehr1100.23750.013960.27/22Bayern
Ella McLeod1100.2940.014590.2112/22Wolfsburg
Barbara Reger1100.17220.055160.2612/22Leverkusen
Alicia Kersten1100.16230.045610.2811/22Werder
Sandra Jessen1100.16220.055490.278/22Leverkusen
Kelly Simons1100.1570.145840.297/22Gladbach
Julia Kofler1100.14230.046640.3315/22Werder
Sarai Linder1100.14480.026240.3115/22Hoffenheim
Jasmin Sehan1100.11290.038240.4114/22Sand
Alina Busshuven1100.170.148590.4312/22Gladbach
Anja Hegenauer1100.1410.029150.4618/22Freiburg
Bianca Schmidt1100.1590.029310.4716/22Potsdam
Lena Goeßling1100.1940.018830.4410/22Wolfsburg
Franziska Harsch1100.09480.0210460.5318/22Hoffenheim
Isabella Hartig1100.09480.029800.4916/22Hoffenheim
Marina Georgieva1100.09290.0310560.5314/22Sand
Dominika Škorvánková1100.08750.0111920.616/22Bayern
Leonie Maier1100.08750.0110790.5414/22Bayern
Sylvia Arnold1100.08290.0310740.5416/22Sand
Kerstin Bogenschütz1100.0770.1412100.6116/22Gladbach
Michelle Ulbrich1100.07230.0412730.6414/22Werder
Vanessa Wahlen1100.0770.1412270.6216/22Gladbach
Luana Bühler1100.06480.0214880.7518/22Hoffenheim
Carina Wenninger1100.05750.0117800.921/22Bayern
Diane Caldwell1100.05290.0318170.9121/22Sand
Kathrin Hendrich1100.05750.0116840.8521/22Bayern

Mandy Islacker – Munich’s second-best goalscorer (12) of the past Bundesliga season after Däbritz (13) – will remain at Bayern. Last year, the goal load was already evenly distributed among the team: 17 players scored, in comparison to 15 at Wolfsburg. However, despite the departure of Caroline Hansen, VfL retain their top three goal-scorers, each scoring in double numbers: Ewa Pajor (24), Pernille Harder (18) and Alexandra Popp (13).

At Bayern, Nicole Rolser (two goals in less than 400 minutes, 0.47 g / 90) hopefully returns to former strength after her injury. Moreover, Lineth Beerensteyn’s performance for the Netherlands during the World Cup raises hope.  she scored 0.34 goals per 90 minutes and became our player of the summer. During the tournament, she scored 0.34 goals per 90 minutes and was our player of the summer.

Remaining Players to Take Over Responsibility

In particular, captain Melanie Leupolz, at the center of the game, must shoulder more responsibility during the transition phase.

pgnpgg/90min% minstartsubinsuboutm/tmage
Jacintha Weimar000900.051001/2221
Laura Benkarth0002720.143003/2226
Nicole Rolser220.473830.194317/2227
Simone Laudehr110.233960.25227/2233
Melanie Leupolz0009500.48110111/2225
Mandy Islacker12121.417680.3994713/2231
Jovana Damnjanovic550.726250.3276413/2224
Kristin Demann00010930.55122114/2226
Verena Schweers220.1412570.63141115/2230
Dominika Škorvánková110.0811920.6133416/2227
Lina Magull750.489290.47116717/2224
Lineth Beerensteyn330.1914120.71154419/2222
Sydney Lohmann330.1617210.87201521/2219
Kathrin Hendrich110.0516840.85183221/2227
Carina Wenninger110.0517800.9201121/2228

Reinforcement from the League

The team also gets support from regular players with Bundesliga experience. The arrival of Carina Schlüter will create competitive pressure among the goalkeepers. Last season, she played every possible minute in the league for SC Sand, and her remarkable saves against Bayern contriubuted to the fact that FCB dropped points and fell behind Wolfsburg in the season’s final phase.

pposgnpgg/90min% minstartsubinsuboutm/tmageex t
Linda Dallmannof110.137080.3684312/2224Essen
Giulia Gwinnof880.3719490.98220222/2220Freiburg
Amanda Ilestedtdef00010070.51112313/2226Potsdam
Carina Schlütergk00019911220022/2222Sand

Like head coach Jens Scheuer, Giulia Gwinn transferred to Bayern from SC Freiburg, where she started every league match. Eight goals at a g / 90 ratio of 0.37 goals every 90 minutes are a decent result for a young player, meaning she was responsible for around every fifth Freiburg goal. Although she scored more goals than departing players Gina Lewandowski (3) and Jill Roord (7), Freiburg’s style play was more tailored towards Gwinn, which won’t be the case in Munich despite having the same coach. During the World Cup, Gwinn also convinced in both full-back roles and was named Best Young Player of the tournament (more about this in our World Cup review). If her development continues this way, the player of Germany’s national team will be a true asset for Bayern and shoulder more responsibility.

Linda Dallmann is another player of the German national team who transferred to the Isar. During the Euro Cup two years ago, she named Dzsenifer Marozsán as her role model. Similar to Sara Däbritz, Dallmann can play in central midfield as well as on the wing. Her skills on the ball may not (yet) have the consistent quality of a Marozsán or Däbritz, but she resembles Lina Magull when it comes to creating chances and likes to take shots on goal herself – as attacking midfielder, however, she needs to improve her judgment on when to pass or shoot herself. Her dribbling skills outside the box, however, will be extremely valuable for Bayern. On good days, she can be more powerful and straightforward than Magull, while both show strong ball control and can be very playful.

Amanda Ilestedt can also look back on a successful World Cup campaign where the Swedish team came in third after winning against England. The center-back played at the successful Swedish club FC Rosengård for many years, already knows the Bundesliga from her two-year-stint in Potsdam and will now amplify pressure on Carina Wenninger, Simone Laudehr and Tini Demann in their fight for a spot in the starting line-up.

A Perceived Newcomer: Simone Boye Sørensen

Bayern already signed Danish player Simone Boye Sørensen from FC Rosengård last winter to further strengthen their defense. However, due to an injury, she couldn’t play any competitive match for Bayern yet. Boye Sørensen was finally able to get her first minutes in the Bayern jersey during pre-season this summer.

Gia Corley and Laura Donhauser in the Senior Squad

This duo will probably mostly play for Bayern’s second team, as evident from their successful performance last weekend. Both players scored one goal each during the 4:1-victory against the second team of FFC Frankfurt. Even so, Bianca Rech, FCB Women’s Sports Director, said that they should train with the first team as often as possible to put themselves forward. Last season, Sydney Lohmann showed how quickly young players can make it to the top, she added. Both Corley and Donhauser joined the training camp in winter.  

Striker Gia Corley played 19 games and scored seven goals in the second league last year, whereas defender Laura Donhauser played 25 games and scored five goals. This summer, she became vice-European champion with the German Under 19 in Scotland and was one of four German players to be selected into the team of tournament.

New Signings from International Leagues: Caro Simon and Ali Riley

New Zealand international Ali Riley joined FCB from Chelsea. She can play as both left-back and right-back, but can also be used as attacking full-back. You can find a first assessment of the transfer here. New insight: Riley is in excellent physical condition and easily outperformed some of the younger players during sprinting exercises on the training ground.

Carolin Simon: Triple Threat

Carolin Simon is yet another player of the German national team to join FC Bayern. She arrived one week before the start of the season from Olympique Lyonnais, where she won the triple – the French championship, French Cup and Champions League – in just one season abroad. She knows the Bundesliga from her nine seasons with HSV, Leverkusen and SC Freiburg, where she already worked with coach Jens Scheuer and played with teammates Laura Benkarth, Giulia Gwinn and Lina Magull. Simon is an outstanding left-back with decent dribbling skills and therefore doesn’t shy away from switching to attacking full-back or playing in the center. Her capabilities provide the necessary competitive pressure on Verena Schweers. With Simon, Bayern’s coach has another option for the attack – something he is in desperate need of after the departures of Rolfö, Däbritz and Roord. During her previous seasons in the Bundesliga, Simon scored 0,12 goals every 90 minutes.

Thus, Bayern go into the new season with a solid defense and don’t have to surrender the title to Wolfsburg without a fight. However, if Bayern want to achieve their big goals this season, they still lack an attacking player who is able to make the difference.

A New Coaching Team With Ambitious Goals

As the successor of successful coach Tom Wörle, 40-year-old Jens Scheuer has some pretty big shoes to fill at FC Bayern. During his time at SC Freiburg, however, Scheuer was able to achieve quite a lot, often finishing in the first third of the table and most recently reaching the final of the German Cup. He wants to achieve even more at his new club:

„We obviously have to invest a lot to be able to take a step forward, also internationally. But there are many people here who want to move forward, which motivates me. I like to think big, because we don’t have to hide here. Of course we want to be successful. And being successful doesn’t mean coming in second. For me, it means to stand on the balcony of city hall at Marienplatz by the end of  the season.“ Jens Scheuer, FC Bayern Women’s new head coach in an interview with Süddeutsche Zeitung

Apart from the results, Scheuer also aims to show attractive, attacking football:

„I want to have a team that is offensively-minded and can control the game that way. It would make me happy to hear people in the stands say: We like to watch the games of the Bayern women and like to come back because there’s always a lot of action on the pitch. I’d be very happy about that – well, if we’d still score one more goal than our opponents. […] I want us to attack and score beautiful, creative goals.“ Jens Scheuer, FC Bayern Women’s new head coach in an interview with Süddeutsche Zeitung

Together with Scheuer, Bayern have hired 28-year-old Jérôme Reisacher as assistant coach. The goalkeeping coach has already gained experience as field playing coach as well. Fitness coach Christopher Gamperl is also new at Bayern this season. Previously, Gamperl was a lecturer at Technical University of Munich and in the US, supervised international athletes and came to Munich from Dynamo Kiev.

Goalkeeping coach Peter Kargus, 56, has been working with FC Bayern Women since 2004 and will continue to do so this season. The same goes for assistant coach Marco Knirsch who has been responsible for match analyses and scouting since 2017. Previously, he was the coach of FCB Women’s Under 17.


The FCB Women played to test matches in July against FC Ingolstadt and FC Zürich without many of the World Cup participants, giving younger players the chance to step up and fill the squad. Bayern won both games.

For the Emirates Cup in London und the Women’s French Cup in Toulouse, head coach Jens Scheuer was able to draw on the majority of his regular players, but there were still several young players from the second team who joined the training sessions of the senior squad as they were preparing for the torunament.

Sydney Lohmann suffered a broken collarbone agains Arsenal and will probably out for two to three months. After her knee surgery last spring, Tini Demann also needs more time to make a full recovery.

  • 2:1 victory against FC Ingolstadt 04 (Bayern Campus)
  • 3:0 victory against FC Zürich (Arnach)
  • 1:0 victory against Arsenal at the Emirates Cup (Emirates, London)
  • 1:2 defeat against Paris Saint-Germain at the Women’s French Cup (Toulouse)
  • 5:0 victory against Chelsea at the Women’s French Cup (Toulouse)

Bayern only lost one pre-season game against PSG, but head coach Scheuer was nevertheless satisfied with his team’s performance against Sara Däbritz’s new club:

„We did well today, despite the defeat. Our game was very fast-paced, we combined well and clearly had the better goalscoring opportunities. We simply need to keep working and focus on the details.“ Jens Scheuer, FC Bayern Women’s new head coach in an interview with

Bayern was able to score five goals against Ali Riley’s former club. Chelsea’s new season, however, only starts on September 8.

min vs
g vs
min vs
g vs
min vs
g vs
min vs
g vs
min vs
g vs
Carina Schlüter225045090045000450yes22gk
Jacintha Weimar900450000000450yes21gk
Laura Benkarth1350000045090000yes26gk
Ali Riley22500000450900900yes31def
Amanda Ilestedt20900000900450740yes26def
Carina Wenninger4050900900900450900yes28def
Carolin Simon000000000000yes26def
Kathrin Hendrich272000450900750620yes27def
Kristin Demann000000000000yes26def
Laura Donhauser33000000050280yes17def
Simone Boye Sørensen6700022000150300yes27def
Simone Laudehr26009008000090000yes33def
Verena Schweers90000009000000yes30def
Lina Magull22500000750900600yes24cm
Melanie Leupolz1531000063100900yes25cm
Sydney Lohmann19309008002300000yes19cm
Dominika Škorvánková770002200055000yes27of
Gia Corley10804504502000160yes17of
Giulia Gwinn25410000900900741yes20of
Jovana Damnjanovic3123900702450450621yes24of
Linda Dallmann24000000650850900yes24of
Lineth Beerensteyn1193000000450743yes22of
Mandy Islacker290485270145090100yes31of
Nicole Rolser2880900900450350280yes27of
Emilie Bernhardt40040000000000no17def
Jana Kappes60060000000000no22def
Julia Pollak90000900000000no17def
Michelle Weiß45045000000000no18def
Anja Pfluger193090060027000160no25cm
Kristin Kögel181060090015000160no19of

FC Bayern Women’s Fixtures


The start of the season on Saturday sees the new head coach return to his previous club. The matches against title holders Wolfsburg take place on the second to last matchday, both in the first and second half of the season. If Bayern work hard and perform well, they may still have title chances by then.

  • 17.08. SC Freiburg (A)
  • 23.08. 1. FFC Frankfurt (H)
  • 15.09. Bayer 04 Leverkusen (H)
  • 22.09. SC Sand (A)
  • MSV Duisburg (H)
  • TSG Hoffenheim (A)
  • Turbine Potsdam (H)
  • FF USV Jena (A)
  • FC Köln (H)
  • VfL Wolfsburg (A)
  • SGS Essen (H)

German Cup

Bayern plays an away game against Eintracht Frankfurt on September 7. FFC and Eintracht Frankfurt will only join forces next year, going into the 2020/21 season.

Women’s Champions League

In the Champions League, Bayern Women will face Gothenburg FC from Sweden. The first match will take place on September, 11th or 12th, the second leg on September, 25 or 26. The tournament goes directly into the knockout phase. There is no group stage.


% minshare of possible minutes playedAnteil an möglichen Minuten gespielt
% tgshare of goals of teamAnteil der Tore des Teams
cmcentral midfielderzentrale Mittelfeldspielerin
ex tformer teamvorheriges Team
g/90non-penalty goals per 90 minutesNichtelfmetertore pro 90 Minuten
minminutes playedMinuten gespielt
npgnon-penalty goalsNicht-Elfmeterttore
ofoffensive midfilder / attackeroffensive Mittelfeldspielerin / Stürmerin
pgpenalty goalsElfmeterttore
startnumber of games in starting elevenAnzahl der Spiele in der Startelf
subinnumber of subinsAnzahl der Einwechselungen
suboutnumber of suboutsAnzahl der Auswechselungen
tgteam goalsTore Team gesamt
tmteam matchesSpiele Team gesamt

Translated by Katrin.

»Eier, wir brauchen Eier!«

— Oliver Kahn

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