Half-season stats of the FC Bayern women’s team

Jolle Separator February 24, 2019

The Women’s Bundesliga in figures

Mandy Islacker and Jill Roord are Bayern’s most successful goal-scorers from the first half of the season. Islacker scored 7 goals in just 402 minutes and so comes to an excellent goals/90 rate of 1.57 – easily more than a goal per game. As such she has an 18.42% share in Bayern’s goals. If you take into consideration not just the 11 matchdays of the first half of the season, but all 13, it’s as many as 12 goals – twice as many in the whole of last season.

The most goals

Torschützinnen Hinrunde AFBL 2018Click graph to enlarge

Sara Däbritz played far more minutes in the first round of the season than Islacker and scored 9 goals in 883 minutes. Däbritz comes then to 0.92 goals per 90 minutes and is involved in 23.68% of the team’s goals. In the two games in the second half of the season, Däbritz was able to add two more goals and is currently on 11 goals.

Dependence of the team on the goals of a player

Anteil Team-Tore Hinrunde AFBL 2018Click graph to enlarge

The absolute top goal-scorer of the first half of the season is the outstanding Ewa Pajor from VfL Wolfsburg: 15 goals in 673 minutes, 2.01 goals per 90. With 67.98%, more than two thirds of Wolfsburg goals go to the Pole.

Goals per 90

g/90 Tore/90 Hinrunde AFBL 2018Click graph to enlarge

The most successful goal-scorers with at least 300 minutes and 2 goals

Player, TeamGoalsPenalty goalsNon-penalty goalsg/90Team-goal-percentage in %Goals teamMinutesTeam-minutes-percentage in %Starting XISub inSub outGamesGames team
Ewa Pajor, VfL Wolfsburg150152.0130.6114967367.98803811
Mandy Islacker, Bayern München7071.5718.423840240.46525711
Lena Petermann, Turbine Potsdam7071.1421.213355555.86634911
Lena Sophie Oberdorf, SGS Essen7070.97282565165.68723911
Sara Däbritz, Bayern München9090.9223.683888388.9910121111
Laura Freigang, 1. FFC Frankfurt7070.9131.822269069.04814911
Lea Schüller, SGS Essen8080.73322599210011001111
Verena Wieder, SC Freiburg3030.6715.791940640.84442811
Dörthe Hoppius, MSV Duisburg7070.66501495789.3211031111
Jill Roord, Bayern München4040.6310.533857057.40725911
Viktoria Schwalm, Turbine Potsdam3030.589.093346946.973811111
Dina Blagojević, SC Sand4040.5733.331263664.099181011
Tabea Waß, TSG Hoffenheim5050.5617.862880580.8710071011
Laura Feiersinger, 1. FFC Frankfurt6060.5427.2722100210011001111
Nicole Billa, TSG Hoffenheim5050.5417.862883784.1210041011
Anne Fühner, TSG Hoffenheim3030.5110.712852953.23612711
Lena Uebach, Bayer 04 Leverkusen3030.51301053153.59542911
Sandra Starke, SC Freiburg4040.5021.051971471.527311011
Lisa Marie Makas, MSV Duisburg3030.5021.431453653.74601611
Giulia Gwinn, SC Freiburg5050.4726.321995595.8611021111
Lara Prašnikar, Turbine Potsdam3030.479.093357457.726551111
Nicole Rolser, Bayern München2020.475.263838338.69431711
Lena Lattwein, TSG Hoffenheim4040.4614.292877577.78902911
Pernille Harder, VfL Wolfsburg9180.4418.3749163483.0310051011
Rieke Dieckmann, Turbine Potsdam4040.4212.123385485.8810021011
Kristine Minde, VfL Wolfsburg6060.4012.2449134453.74612711
Valentina Oppedisano, Borussia Mönchengladbach2020.4033.33645245.47523711
Svenja Huth, Turbine Potsdam5140.4015.153390590.9010001011
Lina Magull, Bayern München4220.3510.533851351.796441011
Anna Gasper, Turbine Potsdam3030.339.093380480.8110061011
Nina Burger, SC Sand2020.3316.671255055.16614711
Zsanett Jakabfi, VfL Wolfsburg4040.318.1649115935.053711011
Clara Schöne, SC Freiburg2020.2810.531963663.64700711
Alexandra Popp, VfL Wolfsburg6150.2812.2449159785.759111011
Maximiliane Rall, TSG Hoffenheim3030.2710.712898598.9911011111
Danica Wu, SGS Essen2020.2782566667.12905911
Tanja Pawollek, 1. FFC Frankfurt3030.2713.6422100210011001111
Katharina Schiechtl, SV Werder Bremen2020.2633.33670570.51801811
Elisabeth Mayr, Bayer 04 Leverkusen2020.23201078078.699141011
Géraldine Reuteler, 1. FFC Frankfurt2020.229.092280380.0110071011
Leticia Santos de Oliveira, SC Sand2020.2116.671284384.759111011
Sarah Zadrazil, Turbine Potsdam2020.206.063390791.1111031111
Sydney Lohmann, Bayern München2020.195.263895095.7611021111
Noelle Maritz, VfL Wolfsburg2020.124.0849151470.91801811
Leonie Pankratz, TSG Hoffenheim2110.097.142899510011001111
Felicitas Rauch, Turbine Potsdam2110.096.063399510011001111

Not enough women’s football on Miasanrot?

On Miasanrot, there’s still barely anything about Bayern Women to read – for expertise reasons. The team hasn’t earned it. But luckily others are stepping into the breach:

If you have expertise, an understanding of football, an understanding of online journalism and access to the players, you know where to find us…

What’s been going on generally in Bayern’s current season?

The league: still all to play for

After the spectacular 4-2 home win against league leaders Wolfsburg last weekend, Bayern are level on points (35) and only trail by the goal difference (+39 vs +48). Potsdam sits in third place (28; +26).

The cup: in the quarter-final

With two 3-0 wins against Jena and Bremen, FCB went through to the quarter-final, where there’s a trip to Frankfurt on the 13th of March. The other ties are Wolfsburg-Potsdam, Leverkusen-Hoffenheim and Gladbach-Freiburg.

The Champions League: in the quarter-finals

In the round of 32, Bayern Women were barely challenged against the Serbian side ZFK Spartak Subotica, and put themselves through comfortably winning 11-0 on aggregate. FCB were also a class above in the round of 16, racking up an aggregate score of 5-0 onto the abacus against FC Zürich. At the end of March, Slavia Prague in the quarter-finals stand between Bayern and the semis. Then FCB could have to deal with Barca or Norwegian’s dominant side LSK Kvinner, where a certain Isabell Bachor is contracted after her departure from Bayern more than five years ago.

Staff: coach Wörle is off

It will be successful coach Tom Wörle’s farewell tour at Bayern. He will leave the team at season’s end. His successor Jens Scheuer has already proved at SC Freiburg that he can develop talents and give his team a successful concept of football to take onto the pitch.

Right from the beginning of the season, Melanie Leupolz took over the role of playmaker from Melanie Behringer, who had to have two knee operations in 2018.

In January the Danish international Simone Boye Sørensen came to the team from FC Rosengård and signed a contract for 3.5 years. The versatile defender was impressive at EURO 2016 as a right-sided defender in a back-three.

Bayern’s longest-serving player, Carina Wenninger, extended her contract and will stay in Munich until 2021, just like Dominika Škorvánkov. Wenninger is the only Bayern player who was ever-present in the first half of the season. Melanie Leupolz and Gina Lewandowski also got new contracts and will remain tied to the club until at least 2020. As well as that, the club tied down academy talent Sydney Lohmann long-term and extended with her until 2022.

Training camp: club and international

For a lot of players, there were two training camps on the programme this winter. Bayern followed the morally dubious example of the men and travelled to Doha for the second time.

For the DFB women, the first training camp under the new national coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg saw a visit to Marbella in Spain, where with an eye on the World Cup in France in the summer they took the opportunity to take a look at 30 players. From FC Bayern, Kathrin Hendrich, Leonie Maier, Verena Schweers, Sara Däbritz, Melanie Leupolz, Sydney Lohmann and Lina Magull were involved. Laura Benkarth and Nicole Rosler are both still nursing their torn cruciate ligaments and Kristin Demann had a knee operation in November. As a result, none of the three could be there.

The Dutch duo Jill Roord and Lineth Beerensteyn, Swede Fridolina Rolfö as well as Austrians Manuela Zinsberger and Carina Wenninger also travelled with their countries.

The surprise: Syndey Lohmann

Sydney Lohmann is also the surprise player of the season for FC Bayern. In March 2017 she made her debut for the first team, but mostly played for FCB’s second team until last season. This season Lohmann has now picked up two DFB Pokal appearances, two in the Champions League, and with 13 out of 13 possible starts in the league has become an absolute key player.

These players were on the pitch every minute of the first half of the season

Player, TeamGoalsPenalty goalsNon-penalty goalsg/90Team-goal-percentage in %Goals teamMinutesTeam-minutes-percentage in %Starting XISub inSub outGamesGames team
Lea Schüller, SGS Essen8080.73322599210011001111
Laura Feiersinger, 1. FFC Frankfurt6060.5427.2722100210011001111
Tanja Pawollek, 1. FFC Frankfurt3030.2713.6422100210011001111
Leonie Pankratz, TSG Hoffenheim2110.097.142899510011001111
Felicitas Rauch, Turbine Potsdam2110.096.063399510011001111
Johanna Elsig, Turbine Potsdam1010.093.033399510011001111
Merle Barth, Bayer 04 Leverkusen1100101099110011001111
Marith Prießen, 1. FFC Frankfurt0000022100210011001111
Anne van Bonn, SC Sand000001299410011001111
Carina Wenninger, Bayern München000003899210011001111
Luisa Wensing, SV Werder Bremen00000699810011001111
Meike Kämper, MSV Duisburg0000014180910011001111
Carina Schlüter, SC Sand000001299410011001111
Anne-Catherine Kufner, Borussia Mönchengladbach00000699210011001111
Henrietta Csiszár, Bayer 04 Leverkusen000001099110011001111
Bryane Heaberlin, 1. FFC Frankfurt0000022100210011001111

Thank you Lukas, for digging in the numbers.

»Eier, wir brauchen Eier!«

— Oliver Kahn

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