Telekom Cup 2019: Bavaria wins title against Gladbach after penalty shootout

Christopher Separator January 13, 2019

After the 8:7 victory in the penalty shootout in the semi-final FC Bayern played in the final of the Telekom Cup 2019. The opponent was Borussia Mönchengladbach, who had previously won 1:0 against Hertha BSC.

In case you missed it

Niko Kovač announced already a large rotation after the game against Duesseldorf. Only Sanches was allowed to play over 45 minutes again. Thus winter addition Alphonso Davies came to his debut at FC Bayern.

Tactically it remained at 4-2-3-1. In front of Ulreich Rafinha, Boateng, Hummels, Lungwitz formed the back four. Next to the already mentioned Sanches played Thiago, who was the captain of the team today.

Davies and Jeong attacked on the wings. James played as the ten. Sandro Wagner was allowed to prove himself in the attack.

On the other side Dieter Hecking changes six times. Nicolas, Benes, Hermann and Drmic got the chance to advertise themselves.

Tactically it remained at 4-3-3. Poulsen, Jantschke, Strobel and Bayern played in the defense. Cuisance, Neuhaus and the mentioned Benes in midfield. Traoré, Hermann and Drmic in the storm. Nicolas was in goal.

The Munich team started the game with a much stronger verticality compared to their first appearance. From the beginning the Reds wanted to play forward more quickly.

However, Gladbach had the first chance. After a long throw-in, Drmic was free in front of Ulreich, but the Bayern keeper kept his cool and won the one-on-one duel (7th).

On the other side, Wagner had the chance to take the lead after a great cross from Jeong, but his header could be defused by Nicolas (14th).

As the game progressed, the Reds gained more control and were able to earn more half-chances (23rd, 29th and 30th). In the final stages Jeong was able to get off a shot (35th), which did not get by Nicolas. James’ influence on the game had a positive effect as he was able to hold and distribute the ball frequently in zone 14.

In the end, the game declined a bit, the Reds could not create another chance, so the final went into penalties.

Alphonso Davies makes his debut.
(Photo: Lars Baron / Bongarts / Getty Images)

Sven Ulreich parried against Hermann. Zakaria only hit the post. Only Sandro Wagner missed for Bayern. Mats Hummels converted the last penalty and the Bavarians won the Telekom Cup 2019 with 4:2 after penalties.

Next Friday, the second half of the Bundesliga will start with an away match against Hoffenheim.

Things we noticed

Davies’ debut

Alphonso Davies made his debut in the Munich jersey after six weeks of training with FC Bayern. As a right wing player, he was involved in the game right from the start and had a lot of the ball.

At first, he seldom had the chance to show his praised speed. Often he canceled his attacks in the first 15 minutes and chose the safe pass. From time to time his talent flashed up, e.g. at the tunnel with the heel against Poulsen (20.) or with great ball control (29.). With these two actions Davies gained more security. Shortly before the end Davies could have received a penalty after a won sprint duel.

Lungwitz debut with the pros

Alexander Lungwitz was allowed to get a taste of the professionals at the Telekom Cup. He was called up by coach Niko Kovač as left full-back. The U19 player has already played 19 games in the Bundesliga season South/Southwest and in the Youth League. Only on the previous day he had scored twice in the 2:5 defeat against FC Brentford.

Lungwitz travelled to Düsseldorf at short notice, as the injured Joni Meier did not get fit. At the beginning of the game Lungwitz was overwhelmed by Hermann, otherwise the young professional showed a very solid performance.

Higher pressing

FC Bayern pressed much harder in their second appearance than against Düsseldorf. At times the Munich team attacked the Gladbach goalkeeper Nicolas with four players.

The goal was to disrupt Gladbach’s build-up. But that was only mediocre. Often the midfield and defense did not move up well enough. This resulted in spaces that Gladbach could then attack with speed, as Borussia overplayed the pressing very easily. So the Munich team made it very difficult in the first 15 to 20 minutes.

Missing Ideas

Niko Kovač’s team lacked the last idea in both games to score goals.

In both games, the Munich team scored no goals from open play. Too often, the ball went to the wing too early. The goal was to create chances with crosses. That looked nice, but it was calculable.

There was a lack of alternatives, as both Düsseldorf and Gladbach, doubled the Bayern wingers.

The attempt of an alternative tactic or approach was omitted.

Furthermore, the 90 minutes in the Telekom Cup were the only ones before the Bundesliga start against Hoffenheim next Friday.

»Eier, wir brauchen Eier!«

— Oliver Kahn

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