Talking About A Revolution: Guardiola at FC Bayern

René Marić Separator May 23, 2016
Innovations in football are rare. Particularly if one applies a narrow definition. Of course there are always new things. Tactical [...]

Miasanrot Roundtable: Four questions ahead of the match against Dortmund

Dennis Separator May 19, 2016
The last game of the season will also be Pep Guardiola’s final game on the Bayern bench. We follow up [...]

Borussia Dortmund – FC Bayern 0:0

Steffen Separator March 5, 2016
The situation before the game between the league leader and the runner-up was clear. If Dortmund wins, the race for [...]

Preview: Borussia Dortmund – FC Bayern München

Justin Separator March 3, 2016
This weekend, the two best teams in the league will play against each other. On Wednesday night Bayern lost for [...]

State Of The Bundesliga – Part Three

Tobi Separator March 2, 2016
This is the third part of a short series of articles about the state of the Bundesliga. Is it the [...]

The Pep Episodes XVI

Alex Separator October 5, 2015
In this edition of The Pep Episodes: Guardiola wins a chess game against challenger Tuchel and Borussia Dortmund to already [...]