Kick it like Kurt – the Kurt Landauer Foundation

In December, the Kurt Landauer Foundation, emerging from FC Bayern’s active fan-base, celebrated the announcement of its founding. We report how it all happened and what goals the foundation named after the former president of Bayern has. When the Munich lawyer Uri Siegel spoke with Die Zeit about his “uncle Kurt and Bayern”, the former […]

February 4, 2018 / 0 Comments

Kick it like Kurt – the Kurt Landauer Foundation

Uli Hesse: Preview

Calling Uli Hesse one of the best and best-known sports journalists in Germany is far from hyperbole. After talking about the history of German football (“Tor!”), Mesut Özil, and Borussia Dortmund, he recently published his newest book: “Creating a global Superclub”. At Miasanrot, Uli, who has recently started working full-time for 11Freunde, speaks about the […]

October 4, 2016 / 0 Comments

Uli Hesse: Preview — The FC Bayern München Blog

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