MSR-EN016 Bremen, Goretzka and Nations League

The Bremen match is discussed first by the pair with Jupp Heynckes’ top-heavy 4-1-4-1 drawing scrutiny. It was an entertaining match (if you’re not a Bayern supporter). Ronan takes on the role of devil’s advocate here, as Susie picks apart the space around Javi Martinez and Franck Ribery’s over-earnest effort.

Leon Goretzka is finally coming to Bayern from Schalke in July as the team talks about his meaning to Schalke and Bayern, how Bundesliga teams eat each other, and a return to FC Bayern Germany.

Ronan and Susie answer a listener’s question about their opinion on FCB “missing out” on Alexis Sanchez and the possible pairing of he and Arturo Vidal (and that exit rumor) before talk turns to the new Nations League competition and what it all means. To be honest, Susie forgot it was even happening, but Ronan breaks it down in a way that everyone can understand.

This episode is short and sweet– tidy, even. Thank you, as always, for listening! We’ll be back to chat again after the Hoffenheim match. Mia san mia.

January 27, 2018 / 0 Comments

MSR-EN016 Bremen, Goretzka and Nations League — The FC Bayern München Blog