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Maurice Separator June 11, 2018

A keyentry is defined as the first moment of a move at which the 16-meter line is crossed. The 16-metre line ends flush with the penalty area and is extended to the outer line. For each attack, one keyentry is captured, which can be a pass or a run. The next keyentry can only be detected when the ball has changed hands. If a shot is fired from outside the penalty area, no keyentry is detected.

The keyentry is interesting as a statistic, because on the one hand an insight into the distribution between dribblings and passes is given and on the other hand a side focus can be recognized. The round-up analyses the data for Bayern for this and last season.

Bayern as offensive as Real and ManCity

First we compare the keyentries per game through passing and the keyentries per game through a run for the past season. The Bundesliga teams are shown in red, other teams in international comparison in white. It should be noted that the two axis are not on the same scale.

In a national and international comparison, Bayern are among the leaders in keyentries per game
(Analytics: Lukas)

FC Bayern is again at the top of these statistics. In the Keyentries per run, the Munich team even took first place in an international comparison. Only Champions League finalist Real Madrid, England’s champions Manchester City and Carlo Ancelotti’s new club SSC Naples can pass Munich in the Keyentries per pass.

Through the diagonal lines and various colours, the ratio of the keyentries per run to those per pass should be compared. For example, Crystal Palace and Hoffenheim in the Bundesliga seem to enter the dangerous zone mainly through runs, while FC Arsenal in particular prefers to combine passes into the penalty area.

Compared to the top teams, Bayern are comparatively more run-heavy this season, which represents some strong dribbling. This is likely due to the frequent running behind by the outstanding outer defenders Kimmich and Alaba, but also Coman, who repeatedly entered the zone with his dribblings.

Wing focus only for runs

Now the keyentries are divided by third: left, middle and right. In addition, the data from the current season are compared with those from the pre-season under Ancelotti.

Passes often go through the middle, runs through the wing
(Analytics: Lukas)

In the pre-season most of the keyentries took place by running over the left side and at a relatively large distance. In the case of the passes, however, it was mainly through the middle.

In comparison, the ratio of keyentries per run was significantly more balanced in the current season, with the fewest keyentries being recorded on the right side. One reason for this is certainly the frequent use of Müller, who does not hold the right wing as strongly as Robben. In addition, the latter has also been less able to take advantage of his speed advantage over defenders this season.

The Keyentries with passes, on the other hand, show an intensification of last year’s trend, so that the number of passes played through the middle, which led into the penalty area, has further increased. This is certainly also an effect of the addition of another strong centre player like James Rodriguez.

Overall, fewer situations are initiated in the penalty area via the right side. A phenomenon that could be seen especially in the decisive phase of the season. Then it was mostly Kimmich who took the reins with his strong flank runs, while on the left several players, Ribéry or Coman, James and Alaba, were on the offensive.

This article was written with the aid of StrataData, which is property of Stratagem Technologies. StrataData powers the StrataBet Sports Trading Platform, in addition to StrataBet Premium Recommendations.

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