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Jan Separator March 2, 2016

Born on March 1st in 1966 Roman Grill celebrates his 50th birthday yesterday. We congratulate the former player and coach with this round-up.

Grill started his footballing career at SG Hausham 01, where he eventually moved to the bigger 1. FC Miesbach until 1988. This stint was followed by almost eleven years at the Bayern amateurs until 1999, where he was already part of the first team in 1995/96 and he played briefly in the UEFA Cup. It ended up being his only professional game. Grill was one of those who won against teams like Darmstadt, Cologne, Bremen and Stuttgart in the German Cup with the amateurs between ’93 and ’96, which is still remembered by amateurs fans with a song:

Wir schlugen Stuttgart – wir schlugen Werder – und die Kölner sowieso – SV Darmstadt – und auch Chemnitz– ja, das war halt damals so.

In 1997, after his active career, Roman Grill became assistant coach of the FCB U19 youth team and won the German Youth Championship as a head coach in 2001. At the same time he worked in the press office, which already foreshadowed his future career planning. In 2006 he founded the players agency “acta7” which consulted young players and professionals. “Better you do it, than someone else,” Hoeness reportedly told Grill when he began to represent the interests of his players as a consultant against his former club. A constellation that invoced problems. His agency represents the likes of Philipp Lahm, Owen Hargreaves, Piotr Trochowski, Andreas Ottl, Georg Niedermeier, Julian Green and youth players like Giuseppe Leo and Riccardo Basta.

His career as a trainer failed radically in 2013. At FC Ismaning he was fired after only two wins out of 26 games.

We congratulate Roman Grill to his 50th birthday!

Press review


On Monday, Uli Hoeness was released from prison. In March 2014 he was convicted for tax evasion and was sentenced to three-and-a-half years. He was released early after serving 21 of his 40 months. He is expextected to be back in the Allianz Arena for the first time again for the game against Mainz on Wednesday. His further future (within the club) is still unclear.

Late Night Extravaganca

It was widely reported, that some Bayern players (Vidal, Ribery and Alaba ) took their freedom to experience a little more of the beautiful town of Turin following the club’s traditional midnight banquet after the first leg of the Champtions Leage match against Juventus. Markus Horwick calmed down the media hype by telling the papers that “there were no guidelines for the players from the sporting leadership”.

Digital 4.0

The FC Bayern Munich media team is completely overhauling it’s current digital media channels in order to rebuild it from the ground up with all of its digital infrastructure separated from the football club’s core server infrastructure. Why? Because “people expect video content, be it on social media or on website or on mobile site, it has to be video, and we will educate our video teams and our editorial teams in order to be able to create the videos people expect” says Stefan Mennerich (Director of IT and New Media).

Meanwhile in Boateng-World

»Eier, wir brauchen Eier!«

— Oliver Kahn

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