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Felix Separator March 31, 2016

At first we had no luck and then we also had bad luck.

A phrase that makes Jürgen Wegmann known until today. But the “Cobra”, his nickname, was more than just a loud mouth. 1964 Wegmann was born in Essen and started to play football at the age of five at Wacker Bergeborbeck. 1976, with 12 years, he moved to the youth of Rot-Weiss Essen, where he received a professional contract after five years. He played 65 games in the next three second division seasons and collected 32 goals. In 1984 he moved to Borussia Dortmund, where he became an important part of the club’s history in his second year: In the second leg of the relegation against Fortuna Cologne in 1986, he saved the BVB with a goal in the last minute. BVB honored him with a star on the Walk of Fame in downtown Dortmund. His popularity declined rapidly in Dortmund, because he moved to Schalke 04 in the following season and finally came to Munich a year later.

In 1987/88 and 1988/89 he played for Bayern and scored 26 goals in 58 games. He won the Supercup and the DFB Cup – his only career title. With the bicycle kick 1:0-winner in the DFB Cup game of the season 88/89 at home against 1. FC Nürnberg he also scored the goal of the year. But Wegmann remained in Bavaria only two seasons, before he returned to Dortmund. For four years he played again for Borussia, of which he spent two years mostly injured in the stands, which is why he played only 48 games overall. Wegmann did not give up and kept on trying: In 1993 at MSV Duisburg, in 1994 in Essen and in Mainz in 1995. In the end, however, he already had to quit his career due to his injuries with 31. After his active career Wegmann was again active for FC Bayern and was their Fanshop Representative in Oberhausen.

We congratulate Jürgen Wegmann to his 52nd birthday!

Press review

Talent watch

Which players born in 1995 or after have gotten the most playing time in any of the Top 4 Leagues? Find out here.

SPOILER: Coman and Kimmich are doing well and Höjbjerg is also finally getting some minutes at his loan spell with Schalke 04. Furthermore the Bundesliga is a good place to collect minutes at an early age and the Premier League is not (surprise).

Our weekly Coman give us today

This week KINGsely Coman did THIS in a friendly against Russia:

5 in the back = 3 points won?

In this season FC Bayern is very often facing a back five and is having some difficulties against this set-up. István Beregi has written an article about “the rise of the 5-2-3/5-4-1”.


This summer FC Bayern is part of the ICC tournament in the US. It’s a major part in the North American growth strategy.

League developments

In the last couple of weeks there were some “best league in the world” discussions and how some leagues are supposed to be boring, because they are dominated by one (or very few) teams.

According to ClubElo the Top 4 leagues are becoming more unequal at an accelerating rate, because the standard deviation in each league is steadily increasing, at least in the “Bosman era”.

Lukas looked at the Gini coefficient (measures inequality) of the Top 5 leagues. Based on the Gini coefficient each league has a somewhat unique development in teams of inequality development.

This week John Burn-Murdoch looked at which league has featured the strongest teams in Europe in the last 15 year (also based on ClubElo ratings). One finding is that the Bundesliga giants have overtaken their English counterparts.

For those interested in data visualization the following current league standings presentations could be of interest: The first one is by Tobi and the second one by Stephan

To finish it up, here is some trivia knowledge for the next pub quiz:

If you still don’t have enough you can also enjoy Tobi’s little rant aka “thoughts on modern football“.

»Eier, wir brauchen Eier!«

— Oliver Kahn

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