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Maurice Separator October 26, 2020

At Miasanrot we regularly discuss soccer and our beloved FC Bayern. But whenever we feel like there is an important issue, we try to use our limited reach to share our thoughts on that topic. In the past we talked about racism and the LGBTQ community. At this point in time we would specifically like to address our American readers as the core values our editorial staff believes in are at stake.

On November 3rd the United States is holding their presidential election with the Republican incumbent Donald Trump facing Democrat Joe Biden. You can read about Trump and his campaign here as well as Biden and his campaign here. The BBC compared the agendas of both candidates here.

This site lets you access state-specific information on how and where to vote and even how to volunteer: votesaveamerica.com 

Read here about voting by mail, which has been falsely accused of being fraudulent.

The New York Times also has this tracker about disinformation being spread ahead of the election.

In the end, we want to break with the custom of German media neutrality and endorse Joe Biden. In our eyes Mr. Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris are most fit to correct the course of American politics. They recognize human-made climate change as the biggest long-term problem for humanity and have concrete measures to act accordingly. They do not question the spread and consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, but will take the necessary steps to keep Americans safe and healthy. They take a clear stance against racism and white supremacy, which the sitting President has failed to do in several instances. They want the United States to open up to its closest allies again, valuing the treaties that past administrations have set up. Lastly, and maybe most importantly, they do not intentionally spread false information which has led to increased division and more confusion on important issue within the American public. 

However, the most important thing is to be part of the democratic process and actually go and vote no matter whether you ultimately vote for Trump or Biden, go out and vote. Every vote and every voice counts. This holds true not only for our American readers, but for every Miasanrot reader wherever you live. Make use of your right to vote and also stay active after you cast your vote. Hold your representatives accountable and speak out for our shared values.

»Eier, wir brauchen Eier!«

— Oliver Kahn

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  1. This is the only Bayern forum I now comment on…this is why!!
    Thanks so much for taking a stance and reminding people in North America that there is no joking around here…the republicans are not only dangerous to the US but the whole world…they will, of course, like so many times in the past cheat with this election…so the most of us that get out to vote and negate the most sinister political takeover since fascism in the 30’s will help to prevent DISASTER!!

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