Analysis: FC Ingolstadt – FC Bayern 1:2 (1:2)

Four days after the bitter elimination from the Champions League Bayern had the opportunity to become German champion again in Ingolstadt.

Bayern used their chance and crowned themselves for the fourth consecutive year. The decisive factor here again was Robert Lewandowski.

Ingolstadt-Bayern GrundformationenFC Ingolstadt vs. FC Bayern, starting formations

3 things we noticed:

1. Robert Lewandowski

In the current season 37.66% of all Bayern Munich Bundesliga goals were scored by Robert Lewandowski. An outstanding indicator. Lewandowski significantly improved his performances over the course of his second season at Bayern. Prior to the final game against Hannover 96, he has already upped his goal tally by twelve compared to his debut season. This was also based on how Guardiola set up the Bayern game, which has heavily been tailored for the striker, especially in the first half of the season. The result was clear, with 1.43 shots more every 90 minutes. Combined with an even higher precision: 59% of his shots were on target. 6% more compared to last year.

Lewandowski nach seinem Elfmetertor in Ingolstadt
Lewandowski after his penalty in Ingolstadt.
(Picture Alexandra Beier / Bongarts / Getty Image)

Furthermore he had some exceptional performances, like his five goals against Wolfsburg, but also numerous goals in the Champions League. Thus Robert Lewandowski is clearly the player of the Bayern season.

2. Manuel Neuer

Ingolstadt had 14 shots during the game. Manuel Neuer had little problems with them. Only at the penalty Neuer was powerless, unlike in the game against Madrid. Otherwise, the German goalkeeper showed an impeccable game. This was particularly important as Ingolstadt repeatedly built up pressure on Neuer by their high pressing. He mastered the pressing almost always without problems. Only in one scene his short ball was intercepted by Ingolstadt. Nevertheless his passing accuracy suffered (52%) from the opponents style of play, but each time Neuer’s pass found a free player, it was often dangerous thereafter.

Just like Robert Lewandowski, Manuel Neuer had a very good season. He already kept a clean sheet in 20 Bundesliga games. Bayern only conceded 16 goals. Not even 0.5 goals per game. Even individually Neuer was able to increase his performances. His 2.71 saved shots per attempt are slightly better than his value from the previous year (2.67).

Neuer was under pressure throughout the season, as he has played in every game, in contrast to previous years. His performances were not harmed. His contract extension indicates that he will feature between the sticks for years to come.

3. Historic

There have been many great Bayern teams. But none yet managed this extraordinary triumph. It was the fourth championship in a row. Pep Guardiola won three league titles in his three years. This alone is noteworthy. However, some initial bitterness remains. The maximum triumph in the Champions League was (again) not reached. And yet, this team will perhaps receive their proper appreciatiation in a retrospect in 10 to 15 years. Too high have the expectations grown. The triple or nothing, that’s what external epectations call for every year. How realistic this can be, show the performances of many other European top teams. Success can not be planned.

It is therefore all the more remarkable that the fourth title was won in succession. The team was always hungry for this success. It was by no means an easy home run in spring, but a hard fought title win. Thomas Tuchel’s Borussia Dortmund pushed Bayern. 85 points were needed in this season to keep the rival of the decade in the second place.

Thus even more valuable is this fourth consecutive league title. Regardless of not reaching the maximum triumph internationally.

FC Ingolstadt – FC Bayern 1:2 (1:2)
IngolstadtÖzcan – da Costa, Matip, Hübner, Suttner – Groß, Roger, Cohen (63. Morales) – Hartmann (76. Hinterseer), Lezcano (83. Lex), Leckie
BenchNyland, Bregerie, Christiansen, Levelsi
FC BayernNeuer – Lahm, Martínez, Kimmich, Alaba – Alonso (46. Benatia) – Costa, Müller, Thiago (89. Rode), Ribéry (57. Rafinha) – Lewandowski
BenchUlreich, Bernat, Götze, Comani
Goals0:1 Lewandowski (15./penalty), 0:2 Lewandowski (32.), 1:2 Hartmann (42./penalty)
CardsYellow: Lex, Leckie / Benatia, Müller
RefereeFlorian Meyer (Burgdorf)
Attendance15.000 (sold out)

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