Episode 5: The Eyebrow

fussballsusie Separator September 29, 2017

Was there anything else you wanted to discuss? Ha!

Behind those two matches lurks the elephant in the room as we say “Arrivederci!” to Carlos Ancelotti and his rather brief tenure at Bayern Munich.

The Wolfsburg draw is regrettably glanced over as the team had their minds solely on Paris and the calamity there and the next day. After discussing PSG, the trio get down to the Ancelotti firing. Who’s the interim coach? Are Bayern going to hire Thomas Tuchel? What does this mean for the hope of Julian Nagelsmann?

As always, thank you for listening. Mia san mia.

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»Eier, wir brauchen Eier!«

— Oliver Kahn

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  1. The 3 main reasons of Ancelotti sacking is explained in the article below on SPoBits.
    My question to you guys is, will Nagelsmann hiring be any good? #ageandegofactor.

  2. I’m really hyped to have some American female impressions of my favourite club and lifetime love affair. So please keep putting out podcasts especially that frequently. Maybe the only criticism I’d consider is that there is a lot of laughing and using stereotypes and phrases. As I’m writing I just recognised that this might be a typical German criticism☺️ keep on going and only the best from a Bavarian listening in Berlin! Bavaria Fantastica!

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    1. Danke, Uli!

      Yeah, we are always going to laugh a lot. There is no getting away from that. But, I’m glad you’re listening.

  3. Just a little constructive criticism: there seems to be a lot of nervous laughter, which is a little awkward and forced. Totally understandable for the maiden episodes, but as everyone becomes more comfortable chatting with one another on the podcast, the nervous laughter should disappear, and the exchanges should become more natural and relaxed so that the listener can focus on the exchange of ideas. Of course real belly laughs motivated by an honestly funny remark are just fine.

    Keep up the good work. I’m sure the pod will just get better over time.

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