Bayern München vs. 1. FC Köln: Mandy Islacker, Dominika Škorvánková, Lineth Beerensteyn, Fridolina Rolfö © Sven Beyrich

Bayern Women’s Season: A Digest In Numbers

Jolle Separator July 27, 2018

Extended data, the kind Opta and Statsbomb provide, are not available for the women’s Bundesliga. Even assists can be difficult to research. However, some data is available – and Miasanrot had a close look.

Goal scorers

Last season’s top scorer is Pernille Harder from league winners VfL Wolfsburg with a total of 17 goals. Her follow-ups weren’t even close: Linda Dallmann (Essen) and new Bayern player Lina Magull (Freiburg) both scored 12. To compare: in the season before last, Mandy Islacker had scored 17 from open play and 2 penalties for FFC Frankfurt, followed by Vivianne Miedema (14, Bayern) and Hasret Kayikçi (12, Freiburg). Last season, Islacker – now playing for Bayern – managed only 6 goals.

However, Bayern managed to reduce their reliance on top scorer Miedema, who was responsible for almost 40% of all goals in 2016/17. Fridolina Rolfö scored 9 goals, Sara Däbritz 8, Nicole Rolser, Jill Roord, and Islacker all had 6 each. Even Lucie Voňková, who only played 568 minutes and usually started from the bench, hit the back of the net four times – as many as midfield strategists Simone Laudehr and Melanie Behringer, who both scored half their goals from the penalty spot.

#AFBL 2017/18 top goal scorers (min. three goals)
#AFBL 2017/18 top goal scorers (min. three goals) excl./incl. penalties


These numbers make Voňková a perfect “joker” – coming off the bench and scoring. Even better than her at fulfilling that role were Lise Munk of Frankfurt, Zsanett Jakabfi of Wolfsburg, and Nora Clausen of Werder Bremen, whose statistics look even better for goals per 90 minutes. The following list shows only players who scored at least three times and got subbed in at least as many times.

Player, TeamSubbed-inGoals incl. Pe­nal­tiesMi­nu­tesGoals/90 excl. Pe­nal­ties
Lise Munk, 1. FFC Frankfurt1554251.06
Zsanett Jakabfi, VfL Wolfsburg897861.03
Nora Clausen, Werder Bremen1133310.82
Lucie Vonková, Bayern München1145680.63
Lena Petermann, SC Freiburg8710750.59
Nicole Rolser, Bayern München869380.58
Mandy Islacker, Bayern München8610610.51
Ella Masar McLeod, VfL Wolfsburg335380.50
Jill Roord, Bayern München5610780.50
Milena Nikolic, SC Sand659100.49
Alexandra Popp, VfL Wolfsburg3714460.44
Tabea Waßmuth, 1899 Hoffenheim1036500.42
Lea Schüller, SGS Essen3716110.39
Hasret Kayikci, SC Freiburg3614790.37
Ewa Pajor, VfL Wolfsburg449990.36
Genoveva Añonma, MSV Duisburg338310.32
Sarah Freutel, SGS Essen13310490.26
Nicole Billa, 1899 Hoffenheim3310690.25
Nina Lührßen, Werder Bremen6311490.23
Lisa Seiler, FF USV Jena8311720.23
Sylvia Arnold, SC Sand5312420.22
Carolin Schiewe, SC Freiburg639250.19
Felicitas Rauch, Turbine Potsdam3414870.18
Melanie Behringer, Bayern München3413000.14

Goal scorers per 90 minutes (min. 500 minutes)

But good “per-90 rates” aren’t just granted to the super-subs. To be able to assert how many goals a player is good for in open play (above all without penalties), we have looked at the rate for all players who played at least 500 minutes. Emily van Egmond, for example, played only one game, or rather 20 minutes, for VfL Wolfsburg last season. She scored one goal in doing so. However, it can’t be expected that she will repeat that feat every 20 minutes because otherwise, we could expect 4.5 goals per game from her.

Scoring more goals in 90 minutes than golden boot winner Pernille Harder of Wolfsburg was her team-mate Zsanett Jakabfi. She needed only 786 minutes on the pitch for her nine goals.

#AFBL Goals per 90 Minutes (mind. 500 Minutes)
#AFBL Goals per 90 Minutes (mind. 500 Minutes)

Champions League vs. relegation in the last five seasons

Obviously, more points are won at the top of the table and more goals are scored than conceded, while it’s the other way around at the bottom. But it’s more interesting that the number of players used doesn’t assert anything about the quality of the squad. While Frankfurt selected from only 19 players in 2013/14, Bayern in 2016/17 used ten more with 29. Both teams came out second in the table in their respective years. This value should be treated with caution. Short appearances in added time count just as much here as games over 90 minutes as a key player. It doesn’t assert anything about rotation and the quality on the bench.

On average, the champions in the last five years won 55.6 points. That’s 84.24% of all possible points. For comparison: in the men’s Bundesliga, it was just about 83%, meaning an average of 84.6 of a possible 102 points. The winners in the men’s and women’s game, then, achieve a very similar points yield.

In the 2014/15 season, both Bayern and Wolfsburg managed something extraordinary. Bayern scored 49 goals more than they conceded, becoming German champions with a goal-ratio of 8 (goals scored divided by goals conceded – 56/7). Wolfsburg, however, scored eleven more goals and conceded three fewer, with a ratio of 16.75. It was only enough for second place, though. In the most recent season, a ratio of 7.00 was enough to win the title.

At the other end of the table, Köln in 2015/16 and Cloppenburg in 2013/14 put in astounding performances. Both teams had five different goal-scorers – not much less than many a champion – hit the net 20 and 34 times respectively, and won a respectable number of points. In spite of that, relegation to the 2. Liga followed.

It has already been described above that Bayern managed to make themselves less dependent on one top goal-scorer and to spread the burden of goal-scoring across several shoulders. In doing so, they even managed to score many more goals in total than in the previous year – more than 1.7 times as many. They went from 36 goals to 62. The number of goals conceded remained consistent at 15 – rather more than in the two title-winning years, where only 7 and 8 goals were let in respectively.

Bayern’s top scorer, as you know, scored 9 of 62 goals, and as such scored around 15% of Bayern’s goals. Pernille Harder, meanwhile, had two times as large a share of her team’s goals. She scored 30% of all VfL’s Bundesliga goals.

Sea­sonTeamTable Po­si­tionPointsGoals shotGoals con­ce­dedGoal RatioNo. Goal­sco­rersPla­yers with Mi­nu­tes
2013/2014VfL Sindelfingen12241230.03226
2017/20181. FC Köln11118780.10227
2016/2017Bor. Mönchengladbach1268660.12226
2014/2015Herforder SV12518890.20422
2017/2018FF USV Jena121012560.21423
2016/2017Bayer Leverkusen11916530.30424
2015/2016Werder Bremen111317530.32325
2015/20161. FC Köln121220600.33525
2014/2015MSV Duisburg111718490.37321
2013/2014BV Cloppenburg111734600.57522
2016/2017Bayern München25236152.40529
2015/2016VfL Wolfsburg24756222.55623
2016/2017VfL Wolfsburg15456144.00724
2017/2018Bayern München25362154.13624
2013/2014VfL Wolfsburg15568164.25824
2013/20141. FFC Frankfurt25380155.33819
2015/2016Bayern München1574785.88624
2017/2018VfL Wolfsburg1565687.00725
2014/2015Bayern München1565678.00923
2014/2015VfL Wolfsburg25567416.75822

FC Bayern München Women 2017/18 vs. 2016/17

Below, Bayern’s appearance numbers, goals, substitutions etc. from last season can be compared with the previous one. For example, Gina Lewandowski played a smaller role in comparison to previous years. The 33-year-old was on the pitch for 94% of all minutes in 2016/17, but only 63% in 2017/18. In spite of that, with 17 sub appearances and 13 starts she was a key player and the backbone of Bayern’s game.

Bayern 2017/18

PlayerGamesMi­nu­tesShare of Mi­nu­tesStar­ting Ele­venSubbed-inSubbed-outGoals/90 excl. Pe­nal­tiesGoals incl. Pe­nal­tiesShare of Goals
Mandy Islacker2010610.5412880.5160.10
Carina Wenninger2017870.9020010.1020.03
Manuela Zinsberger2018000.912000000
Nicole Rolser199380.47118100.5860.10
Fridolina Rolfö1915100.7618170.5490.15
Melanie Leupolz1914580.741819000
Melanie Behringer1813000.6615360.1440.06
Leonie Maier1815990.8118030.1120.03
Dominika Škorvánková1810470.5310840.0910.02
Jill Roord1710780.5412540.5060.10
Gina Lewandowski1712390.6313400.1520.03
Verena Faißt1714930.751701000
Lucie Vonková165.680.2951150.6340.06
Sara Däbritz1612870.6514220.5680.13
Kristin Demann1412600.6414000.1420.03
Simone Laudehr1310630.5412110.1740.06
Lineth Beerensteyn103150.163720.5720.03
Verena Wieder61880.09151000
Jovana Damnjanović31260.061201.4320.03
Viktoria Schnaderbeck32700.14300000
Tinja-Riikka Korpela21800.09200000
Sydney Lohmann1400.021012.2510.02
Laura Georges1900.05100000
Leah Galton1720.04101000

Bayern 2016/17

Play­erGamesMi­nu­tesShare of Mi­nu­tesStar­ting Ele­venSubbed-inSubbed-outGoals/90 excl. Pe­nal­tiesGoals incl. Pe­nal­tiesShare of Goals
Anna Gerhardt92910.152710.3110.03
Barbara Brecht1160.01010000
Carina Wenninger1912960.6514510.0710.03
Caroline Abbé159570.4810500.1920.06
Fridolina Rolfö52800.14323000
Gina Lewandowski2118700.9421010.1020.06
Ivana Slipcevic1830.04101000
Katharina Baunach125610.286630.1610.03
Lena Lotzen2980.051100.9210.03
Leonie Maier1712820.651524000
Lisa Evans1510460.5313210000
Mana Iwabuchi31320.07212000
Manuela Zinsberger109000.451000000
Melanie Behringer2016750.8520050.1650.14
Melanie Leupolz105300.27551000
Melike Pekel1130.01010000
Nicole Rolser169820.5010660.3740.11
Nora Holstad Berge1511410.5813220.0810.03
Sara Däbritz2218650.9421140.0510.03
Sarah Romert3370.02030000
Simone Laudehr75310.276130.1710.03
Stefanie van der Gragt97650.39903000
Sydney Lohmann32130.11211000
Tinja-Riikka Korpela1210800.551200000
Vanessa Bürki72880.153410.3110.03
Verena Faißt119230.471010000
Verena Wieder2380.02020000
Viktoria Schnaderbeck1210800.551200000
Vivianne Miedema2218050.9121180.70140.39

Special thanks go to our number digger, Lukas.
Translators: Bettina and Sam.

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