FC Bayern’s women sign Swedish international striker Fridolina Rolfö

Jolle Separator November 22, 2016

With the transfer Tom Wörle, the head-coach, adds another offensive option to the roaster, which will intensify the current competition for the starting positions. To name only some of her strengths, her height with 1,80m, and therefore her physicality is as impressive as her left foot. Both of those attributes are currently missing in the team.

Additionally the current primary striker Vivianne – the kool kid – Miedema might improve her consistency even more due to the newly arrived competition. Such like Nicole Rolser and Lisa Evans who need to deliver in training to secure their playing time.

„Fridolina is a young, talented and dangerous striker. With her power and reliable passing game she is able to play several offensive positions. I am sure she will take the next step here in Munich.“
Bayern head-coach Thomas Wörle (fcbayern.com)

Hat-trick in her Champions League debut

Nicole Rolser will not have the best memories regarding Rolfö. She managed to score three times in October 2014 at her first Champions League appearance, which caused Liverpool to drop out of the competition.

As a result the Swedish women’s national team head-coach Pia Sundhage had no other choice than to call her up of the upcoming friendly match against Germany. After she was subbed on, just before the end of the game, she nearly scored the equalizer.

Position-wise she is able to play as a winger or central striker in a 4-3-3 or a 4-4-2 formation. According to Rainer, who already scouted her for several years, she not only has a strong passing game but also pushes forward over the wings with her pace. However her heading might need some improvement, but that should not really be a problem due to her height. All in all there is a lot of potential left, which makes her a bright prospect for the future. Hopefully she does not have to deal with injuries anymore like in the past.

„I am very happy to be a part of Bayern Munich in the future. My first impression of the club is great and I cannot wait to compete for titles with the team.“
Fridolina Rolfö (fcbayern.com)

With Linköping she already qualified for the next Champions League season, but the club won’t be able to keep the team together and therefore play an important role in the upcoming period. Her transfer to Munich makes it possible for her to compete for titles on a higher level and on a regular basis. All this is the right step for an international talent to establish herself in the Swedish national team. Some of her new colleagues she might remember from the final in the last Olympic tournament where Sweden faced Germany and went home with the silver medal.

We are quite excited on how Wörle will integrate Rolfö into the team and very hopeful that FC Bayern is able to take hold in Europa’s top tear with her in the future.

»Eier, wir brauchen Eier!«

— Oliver Kahn

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