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Maurice Separator October 5, 2020

Let’s take a look at the recent media developments surrounding the current Champions of Europe.

Our very own Roadrunner

The Canadian teenager Alphonso Davies joined Bayern in January 2019 atthe age of 18. After struggling for game timeat first, he has since taken a massive role in the recent successes under Hansi Flick, having been transformed from a winger to one of the world’s best left backs. This development can also be seen by his Transfermarkt market value, which has increased by €20 million up to €80 million. This makes him the second most valuable defender in the world, only behind Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold.

A key aspect to the defender’s game is his ability in one-on-one duels, bothon the ground and in the air. Last season he won almost 57% of them, which is incredible considering this was his first season playing as a left back. The key to winning so many of his ground duels is his electric pace. In the match against Bremen, he set an all-time Bundesliga speed record after reaching a speed of 36.51 kilometers per hour (22.7 miles oer hour). As he said himself: “It’s a big part of my game,being blessed with the speedthat I have.” In an article by FiveThirtyEight, his former coaches explain how he gained this extraordinary attribute as “Alphonso never missed a practice, never missed training”.

Speaking to The Players Tribune, Davies himself tells the fascinating story about his youth and road to success. The story shows how he grew from a shy boy from Edmonton, Canada, became one of Bayern’s most important players.

Thomas Müller is raumdeuting again

The Sideliner discusses how Thomas Müller has gone from becoming a player that would only play if ‘’worst comes to worst” under Kovac to being one of Bayern’s most important players again by ‘‘letting Müller be Müller’’, not only as a creative outlet but also as a vocal leader.

In a recent article by The Ringer author Musa Okwonga shines a different light on Müller. Rather thanthe usual ‘’space interpreter’’ nickname, he describes Müller as a “Dream Vulture’’. He is given this title due to his ability to destroy the footballing dreams of opponents, with his latest victim being Messi’s Barcelona. It is claimed that he has this ruthless instinct because Müller himself lived through lows in his personal career, like him failing to impress under Kovac or Ancelotti.

Bayern’s last hurdle to overcome for the treble

Both Outside of the Boot and Between the Posts analyse the Champions League final against PSG. Both discuss how the teams put each other under pressure with high defensive lines in the first half. It shows how Bayern managed to keep PSG’s dangerous attack under control and eventually beat them. Between the Posts, points out how PSG’s pressing worked in the first half. Outside of the Boot explains how Bayern kept PSG under control in the second half. 

Past it? Not quite: Jerome Boateng’s Resurrection

In an interview with The Guardian Jérôme Boateng discusses how he changed from being a bench player under the leadership of Kovac to being a key player under Flick.Boateng also gives a clear statement about his future, exclaiming that he would not say no to a move to the Premier League as he ‘’loved it when he was there’’.

Talent scout

A talent who recently caught the eye of many Bayern fans is Jamal Musiala. After having only joined Bayern last year from Chelsea, he recently became Bayern’s youngest ever goal scorer with his goal against Schalke. In an interview with DW his former school teacher explains how humble Jamal is as a person, “Even though he’s playing for Bayern Munich, he still calls me sir” but also as a footballer, ‘’as soon as you put him on a football pitch he comes alive’’.

This article was written by Robin, a regular contributor at Bavarian Tweets.

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— Oliver Kahn

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