Originating from Potsdam, tolerated in Munich, having used up her youth in Berlin, now fancying various sports for the elderly. Used to despise football and FC Bayern fans alike (boring sport, opportunistic clowns who applause success). Was punished for this type of blasphemy with an even more intense addiction to the sport and the Reds. Likes to dish it out, but not take it.

Interview with Nora Holstad

Miasanrot had the chance to talk to Norwegian international and Bayern Munich Women defensive leader Nora Holstad about football: About the responsibilities of a central-defender within a back-four or back-five, about training drills, leadership and communication on the pitch. Nora, you are part of the Norwegian national team and have also played in the professional […]

April 24, 2015 / 2 Comments

Interview with Nora Holstad

Interview with Katha Baunach

Talking to Miasanrot, Katharina Baunach reveals insights about her career at Bayern München, training sessions with the technique and creative coach, her comeback after a long period of injury and the team spirit of an internationally mixed side. On top of that, she also talks about which dreams she is chasing personally and with the […]

April 7, 2015 / 0 Comments

Interview with Katha Baunach — The FC Bayern München Blog